The Unix Command Line
The Unix Command Line
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The Unix Command Line

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Last updated on 2015-05-10

About the Book

Have you been intimidated by the terminal? Are you letting your discomfort with the command line interfere with your professional development? Getting stuck figuring out why terminal programs don't work the way you expect?

This book is designed to help beginner and intermediate programmers alike find a deep sense of comfort and control when they open the terminal. We help you:

  • Demistify the terminal, by helping you understand the PATH, pipes, and BASH
  • Make the terminal your new home, by helping you customize the information and presentation.
  • Discover the powerful tools built into every Mac or Linux computer.

If you have suggestions, want to report an error, or otherwise provide feedback, we'd love to hear from you in our feedback forum!

About the Editor

Just Enough Media
Just Enough Media

Just Enough Media is a publishing company focused on providing high-quality, low cost educational material to help anyone learn to make things with technology.

About the Contributors

Jessica Dillon
Jessica Dillon


Jessica is a self taught full-stack software engineer in the heart of San Francisco.  Her expertise runs the gamut from developing rich in-browser applications to building service-oriented backends. When not coding or playing games, she likes to hang out with her dog named Boo.

Kiera Manion-Fischer
Kiera Manion-Fischer


Kiera Manion-Fischer is a journalist turned publisher and community manager. She works as director of publications for Zinc and co-founded Apprenticeship.Community. Manion-Fischer, who lives in Oakland, spends her free time volunteering, traveling and taking photographs.
Zee Spencer
Zee Spencer

Technical Editor

Zee Spencer is an experienced developer and founder of Zinc, a software consultancy. He co-founded Apprenticeship.Community, an online publication and community devoted to fostering cultures of learning and growth at work. Zee lives in Oakland.

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