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Last updated on 2016-09-17

About the Book

Career Development is not end of year reviews from HR and lofty action plans which are swiftly ignored.  Many developers are happy to keep their head down and just keep coding.  Whilst there’s nothing inherently wrong with this it is guaranteed to lead to a stagnant career without opportunities.  This book is for developers who are smart enough to know that they must take ownership of their own careers and offers a specific roadmap to move to becoming a senior developer and dev lead or team leader, depending on preference.

This is a book full of actionable advice.  The intent isn’t to read it and go “that’s nice”- it’s to read it and be able to put the recommendations into practice straight away.  This advice isn’t just coming from my experience, but that of the ten senior developers at companies such as Google, a number of leading financial firms and a variety of other companies.  This makes the book language and specialty agnostic.

If you’re ready to become a better developer and a better employee, then start reading now.   

Table of Contents

  • The Key to Becoming a Better Developer: Read More
  • Why aren’t you writing online?
    • 1. It put’s you out there
    • 2. It makes you try new stuff out
    • 3. It makes your formulate and explain your opinions
    • 4. It will get you noticed
  • Build Your Network At Every Opportunity
  • Create movements at work
    • Dev Sharing club aka “The Developer Alliance”
    • The Upskilling/Team Building Initiative
    • You don’t need to invent something yourself
  • How to speak at conferences
    • Stage 1- find conferences
    • The proposal
    • Dealing with the lack of experience
    • Wait
    • A word on payment
  • Organising external speakers is easier than you think
  • Programming abroad
  • Effective pair programming
    • Where to start
  • To rewrite or iterate, that is the question
  • TDD will speed you up, not slow you down

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About the Author

Sam Atkinson
Sam Atkinson

Sam Atkinson is a developer and blogger who has worked in the worlds top finance firms, living in the UK, Hong Kong and currently on a year long sabattical travelling the world. He is a Zone Leader for DZone.com and the leader of www.corejavainterviewquestions.com. He is an all round nerd, passionate about clean code, good design, strong UX and TDD.

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