JavaScript glossary on… by Andrea Giammarchi [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
JavaScript glossary on demand
JavaScript glossary on demand (JavaScript glossary on demand)
JavaScript glossary on demand

Last updated on 2016-03-05

About the Book

Using an innovative and unusual approach in the programming field, this book could somehow be compared to a waterfall: it starts quietly, by describing simple basic terms, and then accelerates until it covers most modern features towards the end.

Rather than explaining every part of the JavaScript programming language by generic topics, this book approach is to explain technical words "on demand" when needed, in order to complete simple to complex tasks.

Being a compact book I recommend you do a quick read-through it first, and once completed, go back to any specific words, so that every term is clear, and every example understood.

About the Author

Andrea Giammarchi
Andrea Giammarchi

Andrea Giammarchi is a Web and Mobile Development consultant with more than 15 years of experience.

Formerly a Senior Software Engineer at Twitter, previously at Facebook, NOKIA, and others, Andrea has actively contributed to both client and server JavaScript community through various polyfills, ECMAScript proposals, npm modules, and online articles.

About the Contributors

Cinzia Giammarchi
Cinzia Giammarchi

EU Project Researcher and Interpreter

Italian, English and Russian interpreter and translator, Cinzia helped me review the language and grammar of the book.

Stoyan Stefanov
Stoyan Stefanov

Facebook SW Engineer

Author of JavaScript Patterns, Web Performance Daybook Volume 2, JavaScript for PHP Developers and others O'REILLY best sellers, Stoyan helped me review content as well as code and examples.

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