Agile Release Planning - My practical methods cover page

Agile Release Planning - My practical methods

Agile Release Planning - My practical methods

One real-world approach to initial agile release planning for one team, assuming continuous release plan refactoring

Need help getting your Team started? Want to do "just enough" upfront work before starting the first Sprint? Confused how to gather, share and create knowledge? Let me share some ideas that work.

Agile Release Planning - My practical methods Edit
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About the Book

If you follow this book, you will get your team started.

Your Team will have a Vision.

The Team will have a Product Backlog.

It will be organized mainly by Business Value, using BV Points.

The user stories will have story point estimates.

The Team will have considered ROI and other factors.

They will have estimated the Velocity of the Team and have a sense of when the Releases are possible.

And they will have started to manage expectations, and started moving toward success.

Most importantly, they will all see the same elephant, be more motivated, and have shared the tacit knowledge.

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Table of Contents

    • Introduction
      • Planning, Not Plans
      • Emerging
      • Early Edition
      • About this book
      • Warnings
    • Comments on the ‘no estimates’ idea
    • Why Agile Release Planning?
    • The Story Begins
      • Next steps
      • What Happened
      • What Happened Next?
    • My Approach — Summary
      • The People
      • The Process
    • My Approach - The Details
    • The People
    • Vision
    • Product Backlog
      • Roles
      • User Story Workshop
    • Business Value
      • Business Drivers
      • Priority Poker
    • Effort
      • Definition of Done
      • Planning Poker
    • The R Factor
    • Risks, Dependencies, Learning, MMFS, Other
    • Completing the Plan
      • Estimating Velocity
      • Finishing the Plan
      • Communicating the Plan
      • The Fix-It Plan
      • ‘Finalizing’ the Plan
    • The ‘OTHER’
      • Other steps or activities
      • I-A-D
    • Closing Up
      • When is the Initial Release Planning completed?
      • What do you have ‘in hand’ at the end?
    • The Real Value
    • Refactoring the Release Plan
    • Level 1 Planning and Level 2 Planning
      • My key point
    • Suggested, not Prescriptive
    • Final Comment
    • FAQ
    • Note on the Author
    • Glossary
  • Notes

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