Hands-On Web Application with Javascript Frameworks and NoSQL
Hands-On Web Application with Javascript Frameworks and NoSQL
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Hands-On Web Application with Javascript Frameworks and NoSQL

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Completed on 2015-07-02

About the Book

For last few years, We have came across different client side projects, which were build tarditionally with J2ee or Other Open Source Technologies like PHP, Ruby etc. But, in year 2013, we have seen a popularity of several javascript frameworks like Anugular.js, Backbone.js which are gaining popularity in client side development due to requirement of structural framework, coding and performance enhancement in development and production environment. Also we have seen emarging of several small sized projects and start-up companies which adapt those new technologies in development. Also in 2013, emarging trends for storing non-structure data within repository - which is collectively called nosql. Now these technology trends are clearly coming with new set of tools in software which are javascript and nosql related repositories.

Now-a-days javascript is not merely used for client side validation. It offers server side development for web application as well with node.js platform. In this book, we have tried to show start-up experimentation with some of these tools. 

The book will be updated every month from February 2014 with application of new frameworks in Javascript. Reader should expect the monthly update of the book at the beginning week of the next month. So keep reading the book across the year...

About the Author

Piyas De
Piyas De

Born in Kolkata, India in 1977, Piyas De made headstrong effort to learn, develop, deliver, teach, and share his knowledges based on different type of software languages and technologies especially on Java/J2EE and related open source technologies. Being A Sun Microsystems Certified Enterprise Architect with more than 10 long years of professional IT experience in various areas such as Architecture Definition, Define Enterprise Application, Client-server/ e-business solutions.

He is in LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/piyasde

His GitHUB Profile - http://www.github.com/piyasde

He learns and writes on different aspects of open source technologies like Angular.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Google DART, Apache Lucene, Text Analysis with GATE and related Big Data technologies in his blog – www.phloxblog.in

Apart from his professional excellence, he is happily married with Ketaki and has son named Titas. Also he is an enthusiast in the field of teaching and a humble book worm who takes immense pleasure while reading books not only on technologies but also on humour, suspense, comedy and many more.Impeccable affinity toward knowing the distant corners of technologies became the actual force of penning down fresh technological outlooks as he imbibs them time to time.

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The Node Beginner Book
Hands-On Web Application with Javascript Frameworks and NoSQL
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Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Why this book?
    • What is the aim?
    • Who is the book for?
  • Starting the Web Server with Javascript
  • Javascript in OOP Way - some interesting study
  • A Simple jQuery Image Slider Plugin with minimal effects
  • Simple Bar Graph with d3.js and Prototype.js - a Javascript Class based Approach
  • Concepts in Angular.js Application Development
  • Angular.js Service and Dependency Injection
  • Angular.js $watch and $observe - a brief look
  • Angular.js Promise and Deferred Api - Implementation Explained
  • JavaScript Testing Framework - Jasmine - a quick study
  • Angular.js Tests with Jasmine
  • jQuery Plugin under Angular.js Directive - a more clean html approach
  • D3.js in Angular.js Directive - a relief from D3 svg code in HTML Page
  • Simple Bar Graph in Angular Directive with d3.js and Prototype.js – a Javascript Class based Approach
  • Simple Bar Graph in Angular Directive with d3.js and Prototype.js – Element based Directive Definition
  • Creating Google Chrome Extension to add a Custom RSS Feed Reader
  • Task List with Angular.js, HTML5 Local Storage and Decorate with Bootstrap in Google Chrome Extension
  • Preliminary Concepts of Graph Database
    • A Case Study in Graph Database in Context of Neo4j Cypher Query
  • Quick Glance at Neo4j Cypher Queries for Sample Graph Database
  • Develop Web Application with Node.js, Express.js REST Service and Neo4j (neo4j-js module)
  • Implement Caching Server with Express.js custom middleware
  • Use of process.nextick in node.js
  • A Quick Primer on MongoDB
  • Single Page Application with Angular.js, Node.js and MongoDB (MongoJS Module)
  • Server side testing with Mocha for Node.js
  • Web Application with Highchart.js, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB(Mongo-JS Module)
  • Real-time Data update with Angular.js, Node.js and Socket.io
  • Real-time Data update with Angular.js, Node.js and Express.io
  • Single Page Application with Angular.js, Node.js and CouchDB (Cradle Module)
  • Node.js Unit Testing with Should.js

Causes Supported

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt Foundation Inc


The Dr. Eliyahu M Goldratt Foundation is a non-profit organization organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to fund fellowships and grants to innovate practical applications and broaden the advancement of knowledge of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Dr. Goldratt's life goal was to teach the world to think and to make TOC the main way to manage organizations.

The Foundation wants to increase the awareness of TOC potential, increase the credibility of the TOC processes and generate excitement about TOC through new, significant successes. The process of on-going improvement is best served when TOC extends its application into new domains, improves its implementation methods, simplifies its tools, widens its applicability, deepens the understanding of TOC principles and applies its tools to achieve important social goals.

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