Javascript for the Financial Analyst
Javascript for the Financial Analyst
Javascript for the Financial Analyst

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Last updated on 2017-07-29

About the Book

The ubiquitous Excel spreadsheet is both a gift and a curse to the finance industry.

On the one hand it is both a lingua franca and visually intuitive.

However, many problems are hard to solve, and even if solveable, it is difficult to show correctness when many hundreds of cell formulae are present.

Visual Basic for Applications can help, but it is showing its age, and many slightly different copies of spreadsheets lead to headaches.

JavaScript is even more ubiquitous than Excel (found in every Web browser) and is actively invested in by Microsoft, Apple, Google and Mozilla. Moreover it lends itself to being distributed centrally via the web.

It is a singular language.

Not only will this book show you how to use JavaScript for your everyday tasks, it will show you how to do it both beautifully and concisely.

About the Author

John Orford
John Orford

John Orford is a self employed risk analyst. Previously he was the head of StateStreet Bank's risk services business for the Asia Pacific Region.

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