JavaScript Functions, Closures, and Prototypes
JavaScript Functions, Closures, and Prototypes
JavaScript Functions, Closures, and Prototypes

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Last updated on 2016-07-08

About the Book

This is a short book that walks you through the fundamentals of functions, closures, and prototypes. Understanding these three core concepts are key in learning JavaScript. Now that JavaScript is becoming more important than ever, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the fundamental concepts.

Table of Contents

  • I Preface
    • 1. Book overview
    • 2. How to read this book
    • 3. Requirements
      • 3.1 Using Chrome DevTools
      • 3.2 Installing Node
  • II Introduction
  • III Functions
    • 4. Creating Functions
    • 5. Function Inputs and Outputs
      • 5.1 The arguments Object
    • 6. Executing a Function
      • 6.1
      • 6.2 Function.prototype.apply
      • 6.3 Calling Function with new
      • 6.4 Context Object this
        • Call with new
        • Using call or apply
        • Implicit Binding
    • 7. Functions as objects
  • IV Closures
  • V Prototypes
    • 8. Linking Objects
    • 9. Prototype Objects Inside JavaScript
    • 10. Inheritance
    • 11. Functional Mixins Over Classical Inheritance
  • VI Interview Questions

About the Author

AJ Meyghani
AJ Meyghani

Software Engineer

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