Create PDF from HTML with… by iText Software [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Create PDF from HTML with pdfHTML
Create PDF from HTML with pdfHTML
Create PDF from HTML with pdfHTML

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Completed on 2017-08-30

About the Book

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This is a step by step guide on how to use the iText 7 add-on pdfHTML.

This tutorial consists of 7 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Hello HTML to PDF: consists of a series "Hello World" examples that explain the different approaches to convert HTML to PDF with the pdfHTML add-on,
  • Chapter 2: Defining Styles with CSS: explains the different approaches to use CSS to define styles for HTML... and PDF,
  • Chapter 3: Generating PDF based on Media Queries: demonstrates how a single HTML file can result in different PDF documents depending on Media Queries,
  • Chapter 4: Creating reports using pdfHTML: shows how data can be rendered to PDF using HTML and CSS to define the layout, and shares some best practices for creation industry-grade, future-proof reports, invoices, catalogues,... involving standards such as PDF/A and PDF/UA.
  • Chapter 5: Custom tag workers and CSS appliers: reveals how you can change the inner workings of pdfHTML and how to adapt the way HTML tags and CSS styles to your own needs,
  • Chapter 6: Using fonts in pdfHTML: talks about fonts, fonts, and fonts, listing the different types of fonts that are supported, how to select fonts, how to use a different encoding, and how to create international documents (with content in Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and many other languages),
  • Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions about pdfHTML: reuses a dozen of questions that were posted in the past about XML Worker, for which we now provide an answer using iText 7 and pdfHTML.

About the Author

iText Software
iText Software

iText is an open source PDF library licensed under the AGPL.

It can be used to create and manipulate PDF documents.

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