Building iOS Apps at scale
Building iOS Apps at scale
Building iOS Apps at scale

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Last updated on 2018-01-07

About the Book

As apps become more complex, and the teams grow to support the growth of the projects, the productivity doesn't increase linearly with the team size. The main reason being that the growth comes with other issues that have a negative impact on the team's performance. Some common issues are:

  • High compilation times and rarely-working incremental builds.
  • Git conflicts that are hard to resolve.
  • Slow continuous integration infrastructure.
  • Hard-to-extend inflexible data model.

They usually come from decisions that we made in the past, and platform tools and frameworks that are not properly setup for scale. If these issues are not tackled early on, developers in the team might lose motivation, jeopardizing the application quality.

This book is written with the premise that happy and motivated developers make great apps. It will show you how to optimize your apps for developers happiness, covering different areas of apps development, such as project architecture, continuous integration, persistence, testing or automation.

If your iOS app has grown a lot and you're facing those issues, or it has potential to do it, this book is for you. After reading it, you should be able to identify potential scalability bottlenecks, for which you could implement a solution.

About the Author

Pedro Piñera Buendia
Pedro Piñera Buendia

I'm a passionate iOS developer open to learn new technologies, languages and paradigm. When I have a bad Xcode day, I dive a bit into the web and learn Typescript and React.

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