Ionic framework by Nikola Brežnjak [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Ionic framework
Ionic framework
Ionic framework

Last updated on 2015-12-15

About the Book

This book will teach you step by step how to take advantage of your web development knowledge in building hybrid applications for iOS and Android.

Through the example of building the Calculator application, you will see how the process of making an application actually works.

Finally, you'll learn how to get your application listed and deployed to the App Store and Play Store.

Here are the chapters and what you'll learn from the book:

How to get started with Ionic framework on Mac and Windows

+ How to make an app these days

+ What actually is Ionic framework

+ How to install Ionic on both Mac and Windows

+ How to use Ionic CLI to start an Ionic project

+ How to run an Ionic application

How to create a calculator application with Ionic framework by using Ionic Creator for UI

+ How to create a calculator interface mockup

+ How to create a calculator interface prototype without coding by using Ionic Creator

+ How to start the Ionic application based on the created interface

+ Which are the most important folders and files and what is the starting point of the application

+ How to create the calculator logic by using controllers

How to polish our existing calculator application

+ How to polish our existing calculator application

+ How to create icons and splash screen images automatically in Ionic framework

+ How to implement Google AdMob ads

+ How to use cloud service to share our application with other users without going through the app stores

+ How to test our application on the real physical devices and emulators

How to publish our calculator application to the Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store

+ How to prepare the application for production

+ How to create the keystore file

+ How to build the production ready application

+ How to get the developer license

+ How to sign the APK file

+ How to optimize the APK file

+ How to build the update of your application

+ How to create the application listing

+ How to upload the application to the Play Store

About the Author

Nikola Brežnjak
Nikola Brežnjak

Nikola Brežnjak is an engineer at heart and a jack of all trades kind of guy. For those who care about titles, he has a masters degree in computing from FER ( For the past 7 years he worked in a betting software industry where he made use of his knowledge in areas ranging from full stack (web & desktop) development to game development through Linux and database administration and use of various languages (C#, PHP, JavaScript to name just a few). Lately he’s been interested in the MEAN stack, Ionic framework and Unity3D. Also, he likes to help out on StackOverflow where he’s in the top 0.X% currently.

You can find out more about him through his site at

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