The Eclectic Watercolourist’s Guide to: SPECIAL RELATIVITY
The Eclectic Watercolourist’s Guide to: SPECIAL RELATIVITY
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The Eclectic Watercolourist’s Guide to: SPECIAL RELATIVITY

Last updated on 2017-04-01

About the Book

This book is an introductory reading into Special Relativity. It is written for the lay-person and you can easily skip the maths without losing any understanding of the topic at hand. It is illustrated in water-colours by the author.

About the Authors

Andy Beak
Walther Johns

Andy is a cloud software architect working for a leading IPTV tech company in Cambridge, UK. He has 7 years of experience with the PHP language, with more than half of that time being in senior roles.  During his time in the industry Andy has worked on applications for large financial institutions, dynamic startups, payment processors, as well as a slew of smaller web applications.  

Table of Contents

  • There’s something wrong with speed
  • How we learn
  • Length, time, simultaneity and speed
  • Energy and Mass
  • Interlude - the uselessness of trees
  • Light - wave or particle?
    • Water waves
    • Wave properties of light
    • Particle properties of light
    • Light is a wavicle or partave
    • Parallel universes
  • Interlude - Carbon Dioxide
  • Acceleration, velocity, frames of reference
  • Transformation Equations
  • Interlude - Past Temperatures
  • Using transformation equations
  • Proper velocity, momentum, conservation
  • The mass of a photon
  • Gravity and Time
  • Spacetime
  • Some exercises and a summary
  • Notes

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