Intellitech - How to boost your creativity
Intellitech - How to boost your creativity
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Intellitech - How to boost your creativity

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Last updated on 2019-03-20

About the Book

This project is to translate my book in Japanese into English. You can see the work in progress at the scrapbox project.

About the Author

NISHIO Hirokazu
NISHIO Hirokazu

Dr. Hirokazu NISHIO is a software engineer. Doctor of Science. Research Director at Cybozu Labs Inc. Concurrently serves as a Visiting Associate Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Technology and Innovation Management / Department of Innovation Science, School of Environment and Society. 

Table of Contents

  • 0: Preface
    • 0.0: What is intellitech?
    • 0.1: Purpose of this book
    • 0.2: How to learn programming
    • 0.3: Structure of this book
  • 1: How to learn
    • 1.1 The learning cycle
    • 1.2 Driving force to cycle: motivation
    • 1.3 Three methods of information gathering
    • 1.4 What is abstraction?
    • 1.5 How to abstract
    • 1.6 Verification
    • 1.7 Summary
  • 2: How to motivate yourself
    • 2.1 65% of not-motivated people have more than one task
    • 2.2 Prioritization of tasks is itself a difficult task
    • 2.3 Motivation on one task
    • 2.4 Summary
  • 3: How to train your memory
    • 3.1 Memory mechanism
    • 3.2 The common part between memory and muscle
    • 3.3 Memory becomes strong by repeated use
    • 3.4 The output make memory strong
    • 3.5 Spaced repetition method that lasts knowledge
    • 3.6 Summary
  • 4: How to read efficiently
    • 4.1 What is “reading?”
    • 4.2 How fast do you read?
    • 4.3 How to read a page in two seconds to find information
    • 4.4 Reading one page in three minutes to assemble information
    • 4.5 Design task of reading
    • 4.6 Summary
  • Crosslink List

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