Implementing DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing in Node.js
Implementing DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing in Node.js
Implementing DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing in Node.js

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Last updated on 2018-11-21

About the Book

This book explains and illustrates how to implement Domain Driven Design, Command Query Responsibility Segregation and Event Sourcing in Node.js. The reader is taught to build software that is problem centered, expressive, well designed, scalable and reactive. Domain Driven Design (DDD) is a methodology that focuses on the actual problem to solve and its involved knowledge areas. Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) promotes the separation of an application into a read side and a write side. Event Sourcing is an architectural style that centers around the idea of representing state as a series of immutable events. These three concepts are described in detail and put into practice with standalone examples and a fully functional sample application. The code is written in JavaScript and uses Node.js as runtime.

About the Author

Alex Lawrence
Alex Lawrence

Around the age of 10, I experimented with BASIC on a C64. Later, on a DOS-PC, I modified QBASIC examples and programmed in Turbo Pascal. Also, I tried learning C++ but lost interest. Many years later, I studied Informatics to learn the theory and different programming languages. My first job introduced me to further concepts, including CQRS and Event Sourcing. At some point, I quit and became a freelancer. Simultaneously, I launched a mouse tracking service which naturally applied Event Sourcing. Also, I joined a startup developing a collaborative application with technical focus on DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing and Node.js. There, I could deep-dive into theory and apply everything practically. Today, I work in different fields, including architecture, automation, backend, frontend, operations, testing and lecturing.

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