Immutable Infrastructure  With Netflix OSS
Immutable Infrastructure With Netflix OSS
Immutable Infrastructure  With Netflix OSS

Last updated on 2015-07-02

About the Book

*** UPDATE 2016-03-25 ***

Asgard was a core focus in the original text and has since officially entered maintenance status with the Netflix OSS team. This text is receiving an overhaul and moving to a Spinnaker-focused implementation.


This book gives concrete examples for transtitioning to (or building) immutable infrastructure with the help of Netflix Open Source Software. You will learn about core software available from Netflix OSS, basic configurations, and how to quickly get up and running in AWS using these tools.

Chapters (Tentative):
  1. Immutable Infrastructure - Summary information and introduction to concepts supporting the goals of the text
  2. Netflix Open Source Software - Introduction to Netflix OSS and core projects that are necessary for immutable infrastructure in AWS
  3. AMI generation - Review 'baking' and tools for doing so
  4. Getting started with Asgard - Introduction to Asgard
  5. Transitioning to Netflix OSS - Concepts and considerations before and during a transition to immutable infrastructure with Netflix OSS
  6. Build AMIs - Infrastructure as code and possibilities for generating AMIs given an already existent project
  7. Asgard usage - Moving an existing project into AWS with Netflix OSS and Asgard
  8. Atlas - Deployment and general monitoring with Atlas
  9. Simian Army - Useful Simians for your infrastructure
  10. Additional projects and next steps - Netflix OSS solutions that are beyond the scope of this text, but very much worth your investigation

About the Author

Nicholas Whittier
Nicholas Whittier

Nicholas Whittier is an Operations Engineer who spends all of his time in the cloud. He likes to automate things and is carefully raising a team of chatbots that manage infrastructure so that he does not have to.

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