Hardware Startup Report 2015
Hardware Startup Report 2015
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Hardware Startup Report 2015

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Last updated on 2015-08-18

About the Book

About the Authors

Gergely Imreh
Gergely Imreh

Physicist, hacker. Grown up in Hungary, got some more education in England, and now living in Taiwan for the last couple of years.

Co-founder of Taipei Hackerspace, trying to further education, technology, and communities here. Blogging about all of these at Clickedyclick.

Joyce Chen
Joyce Chen

Joyce Chen is from Louisville, Kentucky. She is currently a sophomore in college working on her Marketing degree. 

Wayne McNeil
Wayne McNeil

Wayne  is a Marketing Specialist at VIA Technoligies, Inc.  He enjoys watching baseball, gofling and a nice cup of coffee. When he gets older, he hopes to retire in a tropical paradise.  His advice for writers young and old is write about what you enjoy or have a passion for.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Enabling tools
    • 2.1 New Business Models
    • 2.2 Hardware Tools
  • 3. Ecosystems
    • 3.1 Crowdfunding
    • 3.2 Incubators and Accelerators
    • 3.3 Getting help with hardware
    • 3.4 Makerspaces
    • 3.5 Countries
  • 4. Categories to Watch
    • 4.1 Smart Kitchen
    • 4.2 Agriculture, Sensors and Monitoring
    • 4.3 Trends in Agriculture
    • 4.4 Health and Fitness
    • 4.5 Drones
  • 5. Women in Hardware
  • 6. Conclusions
  • 7. Recommendations

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