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Holy Land Kanban

Best of the Agile/Kanban Blog from Israel

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Holy Land Kanban
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Holy Land Kanban


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About the Book

Curated choice of blog posts from 3 years of blogging about Kanban and Agile at http://yuvalyeret.com. These are the posts that were reader favorites according to traffic, as well as my personal favorites.

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Table of Contents

  1. Kanban - Beyond the Basics
    1. Collaborating with specialized roles using kanban classes of service
    2. Encouraging Feature-level progress tracking in Kanban
    3. How I would simulate time-boxed agile in the @getkanban kanban board game
    4. Kanban early warning using a predictive variant of SPC
    5. Lean/Kanban approach to Teams
    6. Linking Team Modes to RightShifting
    7. MMF driven sprints in a Kanban world
    8. My thoughts on how Kanban and TOC Critical Chain relate
    9. Patterns for getting to a lower WIP level in a system -- The Freeze, No New Work, Limit Later, and some Mashups\ldots {
    10. The Agile Lowest Common Denominator -- Avoiding a slowdown due to the weakest link
    11. Touching your electronic kanban board
  2. Agility at Large
    1. Fair Process and Agile -- going further than the Scrum Team
    2. Driving Motivation -- an exercise for understanding the Daniel Pink's Drive model
    3. How does the performance objectives process change in a Lean/Agile world?
    4. If productivity experts tell me to keep email closed most of the day -- why shouldn't I avoid looking at defects for most of the release?
    5. Punctuated Equilibriums, Containers, all things Complexity and how Kanban fits in
    6. The Ant and the Grasshopper -- Application for product development
    7. Thoughts about the Toyota Kata in the world of Knowledge/Technology work
    8. "We are already Lean/Agile" -- Really?
    9. Why I think Slack is highly important during an Agile/Kanban transition
    10. Using Kanban to drive Continuous Improvement and Management Teams
    11. Want to experience agile in an accelerated form and focus on innovation at the same time? Try an agile FedEx day!
  3. Kanban - Not Just for Software Development
    1. Kanban in HR
    2. Using Kanban to improve audit management
  4. Kanban thinking in Scrum Land
    1. Want my elevator-pitch answer to what is Kanban for a Scrum rookie?
    2. Scrumban when will this be done
    3. Scrum Sprint Commitment Rant
  5. Focus on Testing Aspects
    1. So what is the right ratio between developers and testers?
    2. Finding the right Dev to Test Ratio when working in Kanban
    3. QA Effort Effectiveness
  6. Lean/Agile in the Holy Land
    1. Israeli Culture and the Evolutionary Revolution

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