Heavenly Father's Day
Heavenly Father's Day
Heavenly Father's Day

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Completed on 2016-10-12

About the Book

Do you treat your Heavenly Father like he’s a dead-beat dad? 

Do you think he only wants to see you on Sunday morning? 

Do you think he’s off doing his own thing the rest of the week and doesn’t care about you?

The truth is, your Heavenly Father wants to be a hands-on dad. He wants to be there every day of the week. 

He wants to give you the benefit of his wisdom. He wants to guide you and help you through the storms of life. 

He wants to have a personal relationship with you.

Heavenly Father’s Day is the day set aside to honor your Heavenly Father, spend time with him, and show how much you love him. 

So when is that? It’s every day.

What do you give the heavenly dad who has everything? 

What does your Heavenly Father want from you? 

How can you get to know him better?

Through modern-day parables anyone can relate to, Ms. Hines brings fresh insight to the age-old question of what God really wants from you... and why you should care.

She courageously challenges popular (conservative) Christian thinking on topics such as ministry, gay marriage, the Bible, prophecy, Islam, and the law of tithing. 

If you think how you live is more important than what you believe, stick around. You're going to like this!

About the Author

Sharon S Hines
Sharon S Hines

Sharon Hines is a member of the leadership team for the Greenville SC congregation of Community of Christ. Her ministry is focused on spiritual formation, with a special emphasis on journaling and hearing God's voice. She has been in ministry since 1999.  A management consultant by profession, Sharon has helped clients get the most from what they already have in the areas of internet marketing, organizational quality, and business processes. A dynamic writer and speaker, she is known for her ability to translate complex topics into non-technical language. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, where she earned a BS in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University, and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. During her few years as a retail entrepreneur, through close ties to her employees and customer community, she realized many Christians are looking for a deeper relationship with God, but don't quite know where to start. She became an author to empower and encourage Christians to take charge of their own spiritual development.

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