Guia do Atendimento Online para Psicólogos
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Guia do Atendimento Online para Psicólogos

Fundamente e defina um ambiente saudável para atender pacientes na modalidade online com conforto e segurança

Sobre o Livro

This book is for an old JavaScript developer or a plain JavaScript developer and also for whoever is new to JavaScript. If you are interested in programming for the Web, you may seriously consider to follow this material so you can get to know the many facets in the front-end world. JavaScript have survived from the early days of the Web, 1995+ and nowadays it works as a great tool for programmers that are interested in building pages and apps. The world now is different, however, with transpilers, modules, linters, and a lot of systems all working to help developers travel much faster.

Sobre o Autor

Marcio S Galli
Marcio S Galli

Hello! I'm Marcio S Galli. My journey began with an interest in drawing and 3D, which found a perfect match with the Web during my university days. This led me to start creating websites. My career took a significant turn when I moved to Silicon Valley, where Netscape's evangelists took me in. Working for Netscape, I experienced the thrill of Silicon Valley but didn't fully understand my deep connection to it through software. After my time at Netscape, I worked at Yahoo and Mozilla before discovering my entrepreneurial spirit. A visit back to Silicon Valley led me to buy a book on Angel Investing in Palo Alto, which solidified my connection to the world of entrepreneurship. It took me a decade to realize my interest in management and my potential as a writer. Now, I'm embracing both these passions in my professional journey.


  • Welcome to JavaScript Now and Then
  • ES2015 primer
    • Using single expressions as the return value in arrow functions in JavaScript
  • Introduction to High Order Functions
  • Map and Reduce glimpser
    • Reference
  • Using babel to run an es2015-based script test.js
    • Learnings
    • Issue with this article
    • References
  • What about updating a component that uses map to filter out its element by a prop (sent from parent)
    • Before
    • After
  • Bundlers and HTML app start points
    • References
  • Components, states, and interoperation among them
    • Why and how to conciliate component hierarchies with shared states
  • Understanding actions and the feedback cycle to feed React components using Redux
    • Within actions: what kinds of actions are possible?
  • Mess about the ways to define components
    • Pure Component
  • Stateless components and application states
    • Question - One emerging question here was that right upfront I have stumbled in something called stateless
    • Stateless components - WTF are the arguments?
  • Emulating data — so far static
  • Get started with some client-side “business” logic
  • Example of AsyncStorage in a React Native App
    • Introduction
    • Main App
    • The List component with async storage
  • Example of React Native Redux app bringing a collection of products to the screen
    • Pretesting the sample to see if works
    • Recap of what I did to get here - you can also look at the commits
    • Adding the redux “app” initial folder structure
    • References
  • This expands a prior React Redux app to have a persist store using redux-persist
    • Modification to the configStore
    • References
  • A React Native example, building for Android and installing manually with adb in the device
    • Get the React Native Redux sample app “Fake store items load”
    • Publish the Android build using expo
    • Check the status
    • Get the URL
    • Setup the Android SDK classpath
    • Deploy in the devices
  • Let’s have E2E tests for our app
    • The initial code — just a create-react-native-app myAppAndE2ETests
    • Preparing for Jest and Appium
    • Installing web driver
    • Running appium
    • Running the device
    • Setup script for test
    • Start React Native run server and run your tests
    • Edit your App.js
    • Run test
    • References
  • Communicating among components using the React’s built in Context API
    • Code changes to have the shared context at the child:
  • doc-js-webpack-dev-with-proxy-for-express
    • What are the sources and repositories here for?
    • Making sure certain files are not to be in the version control
    • Setup myProject
    • Initialize package.json
    • Install React, React-DOM, Webpack, Webpack-dev-server
    • Setup scripts in the ./myProject/package.json
    • Preparing your React-based app with Webpack and Babel (for ES6 and React support)
    • Let’s make a Node-based Express-based app.js server for serving the API
    • Patching webpack.config.js to have a proxy
    • Setup the new AJAX component to load from the app.js express

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