Power-up Your Front-End Development with Grunt
Power-up Your Front-End Development with Grunt
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Power-up Your Front-End Development with Grunt

Last updated on 2013-07-30

About the Book

As front-end developers, we find in our day-to-day tasks and flows that we could (and should!) automate to save time and avoid bugs and errors: compiling Sass stylesheets, running tests, pre-compiling Handlebar templates, linting our code, etc.

This books shows how to use Grunt, a JavaScript task runner, to automate some of the most common tasks we find in front-end projects. The approach of this book is eminently practical and includes plenty of source code.

This is a guide that serves both as an introduction to Grunt, as well as a collection of recipes on how to automatise some of the most common tasks, among them:

  • Lint JavaScript code
  • Compile Sass stylesheets
  • Run unit tests in the console and in a browser
  • Launch a local web server
  • Listen for file changes and re-compile assets (like Sass stylesheets)
  • Generate a tarball with a release of your app
  • Etc.

About the Author

Belén Albeza
Belén Albeza

Belén is a software engineer with experience in web & mobile development, as well as in the video games industry.

Table of Contents

  • About
  • Hello Grunt
    • Install Node and Grunt
    • Start the project
    • Recap
    • The code so far
  • Add a linter
    • Install the JSHint plugin for Grunt
    • Lint a single file
    • Lint the whole project
    • Customise the linter’s rules
    • Recap
    • The code so far
  • Integrate Sass
    • Install the Sass plugin
    • About the directory structure
    • Setup the task
    • Add another target to the task
    • Recap
    • The code so far
  • Start a local server
    • Install the connect plugin for Grunt
    • A basic web server
    • Serving multiple directories
    • Recap
    • The code so far
  • Run tests
    • Install the Jasmine plugin for Grunt
    • Run the tests in the console
    • Run the tests in a browser
    • Recap
    • The code so far
  • Housekeeping
    • Listen for changes
    • Open a browser automatically
    • Improve your workflow with custom tasks
    • Clean temporary files
    • Recap
    • The code so far
  • Generate a tarball
    • Generate a release
    • Compress files
    • Name the tarball with the version number
    • Clean up
    • Recap
    • The code so far

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