Growth Movements
Growth Movements
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Growth Movements

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Last updated on 2014-03-16

About the Book

This is the early pre-release draft of the book. It is 7% complete. Your purchase includes a full e-book when it's published in later 2014.

The growth method for reimagining your business through fluid movements without the loss of core principles.  This journey is your invitation to learn the organic growth mastery that will help you to learn how to start, react, adapt, differentiate and grow faster.

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About the Author

Jin Lee
Jin Lee

Jin Lee is a passionate, entrepreneurial and creative technical professional with a keen sense of user experience, attention to detail, and innovative problem solver with strength in rapid prototyping to deployment, and solving architectural challenges based on "think big, start small, eliminate assumption" combined value from Lean Startup and Agile methodology. Jin has more than 15 years of experience in product strategy and ideation to development in leading edge web technology industry.

Jin's Top 5 Strengths (according to StrengthsFinder):

  • Achiever
  • Ideation
  • Competition
  • Strategic
  • Individualization 

Jin's LinkedIn:

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Table of Contents

  • The Art of Growth
  • Growth Spurt vs. Growth Movements
  • The Five Characteristics of Growth Movements
  • The Art of Ideation
  • The Eureka Coordinator
  • The Intelligent Agent
  • The Incubation Period
  • The Differentiator Persona

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Liberty in North Korea (LiNK's) Mission: Redefining North Korea by focusing on the people, while rescuing and providing resettlement support to North Korean refugees and pursuing an end to the North Korea crisis.

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is the only full-time grassroots organization in North America devoted to the North Korean human rights and humanitarian crises. LiNK provides protection and aid to North Korean refugees hiding in China and, utilizing a modern-day underground railroad through Southeast Asia, rescues refugees and helps them to reach freedom. LiNK’s global grassroots movement works to redefine public perception on North Korea, shifting attention away from the politics and onto the people, and provides a way for concerned citizens to come alongside the North Korean people and help bring about positive change. LiNK also works to develop people-focused strategies that will have the potential to promote change inside North Korea in the long term.

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