101 Green Software
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101 Green Software

A Practical Guide for Developers & Architects

About the Book

It's the year 2050.

We did nothing to stop climate change.

In the North and South Poles, the ice has melted completely. The rise of sea level flooded all the coastal cities around the world. Billions of people are homeless.

The weather conditions are extreme, affecting severely food production, which cannot meet worldwide demand.

Is that the future we want to live?

What can you do as a software engineer to help prevent climate change?

I used to think that recycling our garbage and driving electric cars was the best we could do!

However, it turns out that we can do a lot more to address global warming by contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As software engineers, we build applications that eventually run on one or more servers, which consume electricity. Electricity is commonly generated by fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas); when burned, they produce carbon dioxide (CO2), the main driver of climate change.

Data centers and data transmission networks consume ~2% of the global electricity, emitting a significant amount of carbon dioxide.

This book helps you learn how to build sustainable software, enabling you to apply gained knowledge to your daily work. It provides practical guidelines that you can follow to:

  • re-architect existing software applications or
  • build new ones that have a reduced environmental footprint.

Buy this book now to be among the first to learn about Green Software Engineering & make an impact by helping prevent climate change!

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About the Author

Ioannis Kolaxis
Ioannis Kolaxis

Ioannis Kolaxis is a Principal Director at Accenture Technology Sustainability Innovation, focusing on Green Software innovations. He is the author of the Green Software book, an inventor, and a speaker. He has been previously developing software for Atos, IBM, and Siemens.

Ioannis was a kid in primary school when he first saw the green screen with the blinking cursor of an Amstrad CPC6128. This computer opened a new world to him, a world of continuous exploration and creation through programming.

He invented a novel way of working remotely, having filed five patents for software solutions. He has been awarded twice the first prize for coming up with the most innovative ideas at Atos Innovation Week 2020 and 2021.

Ioannis frequently speaks at conferences and meetups, including GOTO Amsterdam 2022, Devoxx Ukraine 2021, and Oracle Code One 2019.

Visit his website to learn more: https://kolaxis.dev


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Table of Contents

  • About this book
    • What can you do to prevent climate change?
      • Software decarbonization
      • Decarbonized software
    • How can you build green software?
    • The author’s perspective
  • 1 Don’t send your data around the world
    • 1.1 Place your servers close to your end-users
    • 1.2 Reduce the size of data sent over the network
      • Filter out unnecessary data
      • Compress data
      • Cache data
    • 1.3 Process data at its source
    • 1.4 Adopt energy-efficient protocols
      • How HTTP/2 works
      • Energy efficiency of HTTP/2
    • 1.5 Summary
  • 2 Run your software on carbon-free electricity
    • 2.1 Carbon-free electricity explained
    • 2.2 Electricity mix in power grids
      • Base load
      • Intermediate load
      • Peak load
    • 2.3 Assessing the electricity mix
    • 2.4 Choose a data center that consumes carbon-free energy
    • 2.5 Run your code when the sun shines
    • 2.6 Send your code where the sun shines
      • Run your code where it’s cold outside
      • Build a green Kubernetes scheduler
    • 2.7 Summary
  • 3 Get rid of redundant servers
    • 3.1 Redundant servers explained
    • 3.2 Adopt containers for high availability
    • 3.3 Leverage automation for high availability
    • 3.4 Summary
  • 4 Introduce a stop/start mechanism
    • 4.1 Run your application as serverless functions
    • 4.2 Run your application as serverless containers
    • 4.3 Prefer serverless services
    • 4.4 Summary
  • 5 Adopt green programming languages
    • 5.1 Prefer compiled languages
    • 5.2 Should you rewrite your application?
    • 5.3 Summary
  • 6 Decarbonize Java applications
    • 6.1 Upgrade to the latest version of Java
      • Benefit from compact strings
      • Enable Application Class-Data Sharing
      • Shrink your Java Runtime Environment
    • 6.2 Use a JVM that consumes less memory
    • 6.3 Use a Java framework that consumes less memory
    • 6.4 Summary
  • 7 How green is your software?
    • 7.1 Less is… green!
      • Get your cloud application Well-Architected
    • 7.2 Energy labels for software applications
      • What are the boundaries of your application?
      • How does your application compare to others?
    • 7.3 Summary
  • 8 How will you contribute?
    • 8.1 Set priorities
    • 8.2 Take your first steps
    • 8.3 Track your progress
    • 8.4 Reinvent software development
  • References
  • Author biography
  • Notes

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