The Grails Email Confirmation Plugin
The Grails Email Confirmation Plugin
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The Grails Email Confirmation Plugin

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Completed on 2013-01-22

About the Book

This book is the user guide for the Email Confirmation 2.0 plugin for Grails.

Email confirmations are needed in some form in many web applications. Whether you are confirming a user's email address is valid during a signup process, authorising an action that requires higher than normal security, or offering opt-outs or other toggles via links in email.

In this short but comprehensive book the author of the plugin explains in depth how to use this plugin to:

  • Send email confirmations to users for any purpose
  • Receive callbacks when users confirm
  • Receive callbacks when confirmations time out
  • Use multiple confirmations for different functions
  • Customize the email templates

About the Author

Marc Palmer
Marc Palmer

Marc Palmer has been a Grails contributor and developer for over five years. He has authored a great many Grails plugins including Email Confirmation, Taxonomy, Functional Test, Resources, Platform Core and Platform UI. He has been creating his own commercial and open source products for around 20 years now.

Currently a consultant, he is investigating whether book writing will be a viable way to fund full time open source development on an ongoing basis.

Table of Contents

  • Change history
  • About the author
  • Foreword
  • A word on the Grails plugin community
  • Assumptions about the reader
  • 1 Introduction
  • What exactly does the plugin do for me?
  • Installing the plugin
  • The example application
  • 2 Concepts and flow
  • Links must be obscured and non-guessable
  • Single use tokens
  • Tell the user what is happening
  • Invalid confirmation links must be handled gracefully
  • Unused confirmations should be trackable
  • Multiple concurrent confirmations per user
  • Confirmations for different purposes
  • The flow
  • 3 Sending a confirmation
  • Calling the service
  • Reacting to confirmation events
  • Summary
  • 4 Advanced confirmations
  • Using application id to identify the confirmation
  • Using custom events to discriminate between different confirmations
  • Summary
  • 5 Customizing e-mail text
  • Specifying a GSP view for the e-mail
  • 6 Sending confirmations from plugins
  • Setting the correct event namespace
  • Using GSP e-mail views from plugins
  • Don’t specify From: unless…
  • 7 Testing and debugging
  • Turning on logging
  • Getting the last confirmation URL for a user
  • Testing without requiring and SMTP server
  • A note about Spam filters
  • 8 Configuration options
  • The “from” option
  • Resources and links
  • Other documentation
  • Grailsrocks plugin news & updates
  • Other Grailsrocks plugins

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