Globally-Distributed… by Christos Sakellarios [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Globally-Distributed Applications with Microsoft Azure
Globally-Distributed Applications with Microsoft Azure
Globally-Distributed Applications with Microsoft Azure

Last updated on 2018-02-13

About the Book

Take your web development skills to the next level. The book is a comprehensive walkthrough for building globally-distributed modern applications with Microsoft Azure.

Design for high Performance and Scalability

The first 4 parts cover the most important Azure Services that help you design and build robust and highly available Web Apps which span more than one regions and serve hundreds of thousand users over the world. You will learn how to properly configure and combine Redis Cache, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Search, Storage Accounts, SQL Active Geo-Replication, Azure Traffic Manager, CDN services and several others to handle high loads and allow easier scaling. Using the associated source code you will deploy a cross-platform application built with .NET Core and Angular in multiple Azure Regions.

Anything that is repeated should be scripted

The last part of the book covers all the DevOps processes needed to automate releases in globally-distributed applications. Business continuity in geographically distributed systems with SQL Active Geo-Replication is a tough task to accomplish. You will learn how to structure and design resource groups, how to effortless provision their resources and release or rolling back new versions of your software, without affecting the end user experience.

What do you need to follow along with the book

Everything used in the book is absolutely free! You will create an Azure free account and start provisioning the required Azure Services right away!

About the Author

Christos Sakellarios
Christos Sakellarios

Christos is a software engineer from Greece, with great passion about writing software, building great products and help businesses succeed with their goals.

He is the owner of chsakell's blog where he shares his knowledge and experiences mostly about Web Application development using Microsoft technologies, Azure and Angular.

He has been awarded by Microsoft MVP program for contributing in Visual Studio & Development Technologies technical communities through chsakell's blog posts and GitHub open-source projects.

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