Getting to IIT Delhi
Getting to IIT Delhi
J Phani Mahesh
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Initial version, May 2013.

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It has been updated in June 2014 by the Mentorship team. The efforts have been coordinated by Akhil Jain and contributions were made primarily by Aashika Sekar, Aashish Garg, Aastha Tripathi, Anmol Gupta, Arpit Singh, Avadh Singhal, Khushboo Gupta, Kirti Jangra, Rahul Mishra, Rohit Pruthi, Sachit Sehgal, Siddarth Jain and Somesh Agarwal.

Getting to IIT Delhi

Stuck in a traffic jam at C.P. and don’t know what to do? Feeling colour blind when it comes to differentiating Metro lines? Booked your tickets but clueless about public transportation? Our Mentorship Team suggests how.

Living in the capital does have its perks, and one of them is easy access to public transport. What, with the Metro extending its foliage to cover almost every nook and cranny of the city and the auto-rickshaw epidemic swarming both the Puraani and Nayi Dilli, there are a number of modes and methods you can choose to reach IIT Delhi.*

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this section is subject to change over time since the day of its being written on July 4, 2012. Though care has been taken to review the content and update it in July 2013 and July 2014, neither the authors nor the editor claim that this information is complete, or was at the time of writing.

Via Auto-Rickshaw

The most iconic symbol of public transport in India, if there was one, would surely be the three-wheeled yellowish-green Auto-rickshaw. These colourful beasts command a gargantuan proportion of the otherwise black-and-white Delhi roads, cutting by, swishing and zigzagging past many-an-irritated drivers. But beware – auto rickshaw drivers have a reputation of overcharging their passengers and not running by meters. Excuses like “meter not working” or “Savaari nahi milegi” are commonplace, so do not fall for them – always insist on travelling by meter. If the driver refuses, walk away (slowly, and wait for him to call you back). That said, here is what you need to know.

When coming from the New Delhi/Nizamuddin Railway Stations, you will find a Pre-Paid Auto-rickshaw booth just outside the station. There will usually be a huge crowd around this booth, but if you cannot find it, ask a traffic policemen (they are responsible for regulating the pre-paid booths). Once you declare your destination and pay the respective amount, the official at the booth will give you a receipt. Keep it SAFE, for it has to be returned to the auto-rickshaw driver at the end of the journey, for him to earn his bread & butter.

The rates for Auto-rickshaws in Delhi are:

  • For first 2 kilometres – ₹ 25
  • For every consequent kilometre – ₹ 8/km

For example, the distance from NDLS to IIT is approximately 13.6 km., so the appropriate charge for an Auto would be ₹ 120. You may round it off to the nearest greatest integer. Consider it a tip of sorts.

Our suggestion: After the Metro, this is your second-best option. If this is your first visit to Delhi and you wish to experience the city in all its glory, then for the now-buried JEE’s sake, take an Auto!

Via Bus

The most obvious mode of transportation that most Delhiites are familiar with are DTC Buses. With a fleet of over 3000 buses traversing more than 700 different routes, the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) holds one of the largest CNG-powered bus fleets in the world. Bus routes connect between almost every corner of the city at frequent time intervals. There are kinds of buses available.

  1. DTC TATA Non-AC buses
  2. DTC TATA AC buses
  3. DTC Traditional buses

The most important routes that you shall require are provided in the following section

Bus routes

Source Destination Buses Bus type
New Delhi IITD Hostel 615 AC/Non-AC
Railway Station Gate    
Old Delhi IITD Girls 502,603 AC/Non-AC
Railway Station Hostel Gate    
Indira Gandhi IITD Main Gate Airport Info
International Airport /Hostel gate Express1 Unavailable
Palam Airport IITD Main Gate 764,764A AC/Non-AC
  /Hostel gate    
Hazrat Nizamuddin IITD Main Gate No direct Info
Railway Station /Hostel gate route.2 Unavailable
Hauz Khas IITD Main Gate 764,764A, AC/Non-AC
Metro Station /Hostel gate 620,  
Kashmiri Gate ISBT IITD Main Gate 622 Non-AC

Although we have tried our best to form an exhaustive list of bus-routes, the best thing to do when planning to travel by bus is to ask away! Ask any person nearby who you think might know the answer – Paan walas, Chaat walas, office-goers and students are especially well-versed with bus-routes (not kidding!). At the end of the day, however, travelling by bus is not the most comfortable journey you can make – most buses are extremely crowded during peak hours, and it is difficult to stand, let alone carry luggage, in such a situation.

You must note that a particular numbered bus would travel the same route in different directions. For example, bus number 764 goes from Nehru Place to Najafgarh, and also from Najafgarh to Nehru Place. You must board the bus going in the right direction. Just like in the Metro, there are seats reserved for senior citizens, the physically challenged and ladies.

Our suggestion: Although very cheap, most buses are still too crowded. AVOID at all costs, on your first trip to Delhi!

Via Metro

Ever since the introduction of the Metro Rail by DMRC, life has become so much simpler. With a direct line from the Railway Station/Airport to the Hauz Khas Station, this will be the beginning of many long metro journeys for you over the next four-five years. Cheap, fast, clean and convenient – the Metro offers everything a commuter can dream of. For those unfamiliar with this form of transport, the Metro Rail, simply referred to as the “Metro”, consists of a series of electrically-run super-fast trains, much like the Underground in London or U-Bahn/S-Bahn in Germany.

These trains operate on a number of different lines, usually denoted by different colours – Yellow, Purple, Blue, Orange etc. Each line consists of a number of different stations and do not run parallel to the roads above ground. Lines usually intersect at major intersections or localities such as NDLS or Connaught Place. If you’ve never travelled on a Metro before, carpe diem! Riding in these trains is a pleasure, with automatic-doors and fully air-conditioned coaches they are magnificent. The cost of travel usually starts at about ₹ 8, though the Metro smart card can give you a 10% discount. They require a first time payment of ₹ 150 plus subsequent recharges of the card all of which have to be of minimum ₹ 200.
Taking large bags with you should not be a problem. The first coach of every train is reserved for ladies. Even in other coaches, there are seats reserved for senior citizens, the physically challenged and ladies.

A few tips regarding directions now –

The Metro station nearest to IIT Delhi is Hauz Khas on the Yellow Line. It is about a kilometer from IIT Main/Hostel Gate.

To reach IIT Main/Hostel gate from Hauz Khas Metro, you can take

  • Auto-rickshaw (price: ₹ 20-30)
  • Bus number 764/764A/765/511/620 (price: ₹ 5-10/head)
  • Share autos (Price ₹ 10/head) If you have any luggage, avoid these. They are crammed.
  • If coming from NDLS, take the Yellow Line from the underground New Delhi metro station, directed towards Qutab Minar or HUDA City Center. Get off nine stations later at Hauz Khas Metro Station.
  • If coming from the Airport, you may take the Metro directly from the underground station IGI Airport. This station is on the Orange Line. The Metro from IGIA is a super-fast train called the Delhi Airport Metro Express (DAME). It includes spaces for keeping luggage and will get you to New Delhi metro station. DAME runs at an avergae speed of 135 km/h opposed to an average of 80 km/h for most metros. The cost of the ride is Rs 80, cheaper than most alternative ways to reach from the airport. Get off at New Delhi, and take the Yellow Line till Hauz Khas.

Our suggestion: If reaching Delhi during a peak hour, such as morning (8-10 A.M.) or evening (5-7 P.M.), you should avoid traveling by Metro when carrying heavy luggage. While your large bags may clear Security, it can be difficult navigating them through a sea of wandering humans. Use may an Auto/Taxi during these hours. At all other times, the Metro is your best bet. The Metro does not run from 11 PM to 6 AM, so avoid reaching Delhi during this time frame.

Important Note: Exit from Hauz Khas Metro gate 2. Autos will be readily available, but to catch a bus, you will have to walk a few steps in the direction you exited, and cross the road via subway to reach the bus stop.

Delhi Metro fares:

Delhi Metro map:

Via Taxi

A very convenient, though not-so pocket-friendly way of commuting is to take a taxi, although they can be a bit harder to find than, say, a Metro station or a Bus stand. However, if coming from any of the Railway Stations/Airports, there are plenty of taxis available for hire. You would mostly find a pre-paid Taxi counter at the station/airport(s) exit. You may also hire Radio Taxi readily available – a simple call away. Google “Radio taxis in Delhi” for more info. A few leading radio taxi operators’ numbers:

Meru Cabs: +91-11-44224422
Delhi Cab: +91-11-44333222
Easy Cab: +91-11-43434343
Quick Cabs: +91-11-45333333
Mega cab: +91-11-41414141

Our suggestion: Unless you have a LOT of luggage (including parents’ luggage), prefer the Metro/Auto over this. If the high price is not a factor, then this can be your most comfortable option. The charges for the taxis usually are - ₹ 25 for the first Km and ₹ 14(Non AC) / ₹ 16 (AC) for next every Km. These are general prices and may vary from one Taxi Provider to another.

Quick Info

TIP: If in doubt, use Google Maps to find out the exact Train, Metro or Bus station closest to your starting/destination point. They have a “Public Transport” feature which tells you the exact time of arrival/departure, the closest stations and much more.

From Anand Vihar Railway Terminal (ANVT) / ISBT Anand Vihar

  • Nearest metro station - Inside the station (Anand Vihar ISBT)
  • Nearest bus terminal - Anand Vihar ISBT
  • Autos/taxis - Easily available outside the station

Tell-you-what! Anand Vihar Railway Station, Anand Vihar ISBT and the metro station are just a walk apart. The Metro will be the cheapest and the fastest form of transport, but it will take you at least an hour!

  • Buy your tickets directly for Hauz Khas(On the Yellow Line).
  • Take the metro at Anand Vihar(On the blue line) directed towards Dwarka.
  • Alight at Rajiv Chowk and remember you DO NOT NEED TO EXIT the Rajiv Chowk Station when changing from the blue line to the yellow line.
  • Take the Yellow Line till Hauz Khas.
  • For this route, metro may not be the best mode of transportation because of the unnecessary extra travel distance and time.

There is no direct bus either. However, you can take 543, 543A or any other bus going towards Dhaula Kuan or Nehru Place (there are many such buses running at high frequency, so you’re likely to get one within 2 minutes). After that, you need to get into 507 by changing at Lajpat Nagar bus stand (or the next stop, South Ex bus stand). You’re likely to catch this bus within 10-15 minutes. 507 will drop you directly at IIT Gate. This will cost a total of 20 rupees per person (around 40 in case of AC buses). Alternatively, you can go directly to Nehru Place (via 543 or 543A) and take a 764 to IIT Gate. This route will be slightly longer, but the frequency of 764 is quite high that tallies it out.

Taking a taxi or an auto is much more expensive but the most convenient! But taxis may not be as easy to find as the auto. Autorickshaws are easily available outside the station/bus stand. The approximate distance from Anand Vihar to IIT Delhi is 25 kms (depending on the route the auto driver decides to take). The fare breakup of Autos and Taxis is given below. However, radio taxi service is available in Delhi and you may contact the following numbers to book a cab:

Meru Cabs: 011-44224422
Mega Cabs: 011-41414141
Quick Cabs: 011-67676767

  • Auto: ₹ 25 for first 2km and ₹ 8 per km above the minimum fare. Sums up to around ₹ 210. Baggage charges are ₹ 10 per bag applicable only for the bulky bags (and not the small ones). The fare is the same for 3 persons, but increases if you are 4 persons according to the will of the auto driver. Night time charges are 25% extra.
  • Taxi:
    • Meru Cabs: ₹ 23 per km. Totals to around ₹ 575. Night Time charges 25% extra. Excellent service though. They can come at a moment’s notice. This is the cab to book if you are stranded and have no idea where you are going.
    • Mega Cabs: Same Fare as Meru Cabs.
    • Quick Cabs: ₹ 12.5/km. Sums up to around ₹ 315. Night Time charges 25% extra. This is cheap as it is non-ac and the service provided is also not that great. Pre-book this cab before arriving at your destination.
      P.S. Even then, they may decide to cancel your booking.

From Indira Gandhi International Airport / Palam Airport

  • Metro: In Delhi, metro is one of the cheapest and comfortable mode of travel , but for coming to IIT from the airport, it will be a bit expensive and would be difficult because you would be carrying your luggage with you. However,if you are ready to handle your luggage and ready to bear a little “dhakka-mukki” (especially during the peak times) then take the metro. Metro is available from 5:15 A.M. to 11:15 P.M. It will took around 50 minutes to reach Hauz Khas metro station from airport. Go to 3G Terminal inside the airport and board the metro for New Delhi ,the frequency of which is 15 minutes in non-peak hours whereas on peak hours (i.e. 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. and 4:35 P.M. to 7:44 P.M. from Monday to Friday) the frequency is 10 minutes. The ticket of the metro costs ₹ 150. On reaching New Delhi you can either buy a ticket for Hauz Khas or can buy a metro card. The ticket would cost ₹ 16. We would recommend you to buy a metro card (cost ₹ 100), as it would be a necessity throughout your stay in IIT. From the Hauz Khas metro station you can take an auto which would cost you around ₹ 30-₹ 40 to reach IIT.
  • Bus: Delhi is famous for its Low Floor Buses. Many of them are Air Conditioned Buses so you will get some relief from the burning hot sun. It is available just outside the Palam Airport. Take bus 764/764A which is available from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. at an average frequency of 30 minutes. You can also take bus 765 which would drop you at the IIT Hostel Gate(Boys Hostel Gate). The bus will cost you a maximum of ₹ 25.
  • Auto: There isn’t any official auto stand at the airport. However, you can get an auto after walking a distance of approximately 500 meters outside or maybe you could wait for a while as some autos drop passengers at the airport. The distance from IIT to airport is 10.69Km so it should cost you around ₹ 120 according to the meter but they will ask you for ₹ 200 so try to bargain them as much as you can :p
  • Pre- Paid taxis: Pay ₹ 290 and get the slip from the pre paid counter (One counter stationed inside the airport terminal and another just outside the arrivals of the airport). It is the most preferred choice of the people who come to Delhi for their first time. You could club along with another IITian if you are lucky to find one which would make the price a bit reasonable.
    Comment- You don’t have to pay the driver :P

From ISBT Kashmere (or Kashmiri) Gate

  • Nearest metro station - In the station (Kashmere Gate) The Kashmere Gate metro station is at the intersection of the yellow and the red line. Students coming to IIT Delhi must follow the yellow line and take any metro going towards HUDA City centre / Qutub Minar. Get down at the “Hauz Khas” Metro Station. This journey will cost ₹ 18 and the ride from Hauz Khas metro station to your respective hostel in IIT Delhi will cost you about ₹ 30. You can check current metro fares here.
  • Nearest bus terminal - In the station
  • Autos/taxis - Easily available outside the station The distance between Kashmere Gate and IIT Delhi is about 25 kms. This journey, by auto would cost about ₹ 200 for three passengers (the auto rickshaw drivers might ask you to pay ₹ 250 or more depending on your baggage, no. of people, etc).

Tell-you-what! If you are arriving at a non-peak hour, you should preferably take the Metro. You can also use the Metro during peak hours, but be prepared for some dhakka-mukki. There is a metro station right at the bus station, and that should be your ideal choice! Hop on at Kashmere Gate (on the Yellow Line itself) and hop off at Hauz Khas (see section on Metro). If unsure, you can always take an auto/taxi.

From New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS)

  • Nearest metro station -Inside the station (New Delhi) [exit from gate no.16 Ajmeri Gate]. Take the yellow line to Hauz Khas.
  • Nearest bus terminal - Inside the station. Take Bus no 505 that will take you directly to IIT gate. Other options are Bus no 433 till AIIMS and then 507 to IIT or you can take 548 to Sarvapriya Vihar then 620/764 to IIT.
  • Autos/taxis - Easily available outside.

Tell-you-what! If arriving at a non-peak hour, you should preferably take the Metro. You can also use the Metro during peak hours, but be prepared for some dhakka-mukki. If unsure, you can always take an auto/taxi.

Fares from New Delhi Railway Station
  • Via Metro - ₹ 16 if you buy a token. Using the smart card will give you a 10% discount though it requires a first time payment of ₹ 100. It includes a security of ₹ 50 which you’ll get back when you return the card.
  • Via Bus - Bus 505 will cost ₹ 20. Taking the other two routes will cost you ₹ 20-30 depending on whether you take DTC’s GreenLine bus(non AC) or RedLine bus (AC).
  • Via taxi - Taxis charge you ₹ 25 for the first km and ₹ 14 for each subsequent km. So be ready to shell out a couple of hundred notes for a taxi ride to IIT.
  • Via auto - Autos are comparatively cheaper. The meter will probably stop between ₹ 110-120 when you reach. Though the auto-vallas would say otherwise and insist on going by prepaid at ₹ 150, stick by the meter.

From Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station (NZM) / ISBT Sarai Kale Khan

  • Nearest metro station - Jangpura, Lajpat Nagar, INA
  • Nearest bus terminal - ISBT Sarai Kale Khan
  • Autos/Taxis - Easily available outside

Fare from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station

  • Auto Fare - ₹ 191/-
  • Taxi Fare - ₹ 330/-
  • AC Taxi - ₹ 373/-

Fare from ISBT Sarai Kale Khan

  • Auto Fare- ₹ 208/-
  • Taxi Fare - ₹ 359/-
  • AC Taxi - ₹ 407/-

Metro Fare from Jangpura,Lajpat Nagar,INA: ₹ 10/-
See more information on Metro.

Tell-you-what! The Station and the ISBT are at a walking distance from each other. While the Nizamuddin Station is only about 12-13 km from IIT, same as NDLS, the connecting public transport is poor, with no metro line at the station. Therefore, if possible, avoid travelling by a train which arrives at HZNS or a bus that arrives at Sarai Kale Khan. If you have already booked your tickets or cannot avoid the station, it is best to take a direct Auto/Taxi to IIT. There is no direct bus to IIT from Hazrat Nizamuddin. You can take DTC Bus No. 101 from Hazrat Nizamuddin to ISBT (In case you want to skip 3km walk). Then DTC Bus No. 622 from ISBT to IIT gate. [] Or you can take Bus No. 711/543A/534 till South Ex/Lajpat Nagar and then catch 507.

From Delhi Junction / Old Delhi Railway Station (DLI)

  • Nearest metro station - Chandni Chowk Just hop onto the yellow line from the Chandni Chowk Metro station( walkable distance from the station) and hop off straight at Hauz Khas. This trip should just cost you ₹ 18, and an additional ₹ 10 - ₹ 30 depending on whether you take a shared, or an individual auto from Hauz Khas to your hostels.
  • Nearest bus terminal - ISBT Kashmere Gate A direct bus from the ISBT to IIT is not available. However, if you must travel by bus, find the various indirect route options from here We would advise you against changing buses while carrying a huge baggage as it could be quite difficult with risk of injuries and losing your luggage.
  • Autos/taxis - Easily available outside
    • An auto will cost you around ₹ 140 - ₹ 160 (At night this will go up to ₹ 170 - ₹ 190).
    • A taxi will make your pocket lighter by ₹ 235 - ₹ 250 ( Make this ₹ 300 at night)

Tell-you-what! If arriving at a non-peak hour, you should preferably take the Metro. You can also use the Metro during peak travel hours, but be prepared for some dhakka-mukki especially at the infamous Rajiv Chowk and at Central Secretariat, both of which fall on the way. If unsure however, you can always take an auto/taxi.

Bon Appétit - Food Joints in and around IITD

Inside IITD

Throughout your stay at IITD, you will depend on these food joints of IIT to keep yourself Energetic.

Especially for girls, there is the famous neelkanth market where you would find almost anything ranging from electronics to stationary to fruits and vegetables and also Post Office is situated 500m from the girls’ hostels. And just near the market there is a famous ‘Mother Dairy’ outlet selling all possible dairy products and next to it is ‘Safal’ known for its tasty fruits and vegetables.There are two other Mother Diary shops one in the Kumaon Hostel and another attached with Safal near the Nilgiri Hostel. In addition to this, we have small shops in both Kailash and Himadri Hostel (SB ENTERPRISES) where you can get your daily use items, sim-cards, recharge coupons.Within the girls hostel, there is also a stall for drinks - summers you get various shakes and for winters you can enjoy tea ,coffee and juices there within affordable prices.

In the Institute Area (INSTI) we have a Cafeteria (Sip B) till 10pm on the first floor, which has a full fledged menu suitable for having a filling lunch/dinner from a nice thali to chowmein to South Indian stuff as well as a quick snack(Especially the tasty hot samosas for ₹ 7…worth it ). It also has a juice stall offering fresh fruit juices as well as some good milk-shakes topped with ice-cream and cherries in which butterscotch,chocolate and mango are common, a blessing considering the hot weather in Delhi. On the ground floor is stationed the Staff Canteen known for its reasonably priced thali, idli and samosas and for serving decent maggi @ ₹ 20. Near the Library and the Reading Room (a commonplace where you would find yourself invariably during the minors and majors) we are boomed with ‘ Nescafe 24*7 ‘- at a reasonable price, you get steaming hot coffee and tea, things which become your lifeline during the long exam nights.It also has a great deal of iced teas, cold coffees, and differently stuffed burgers and patties and not to forget the usual exam dinner MAGGI/PASTA .

Beside them is stationed the Amul Cafe - a Dairy spot with a great variety of products from the different flavours of Amul Cool to Cold Amul Lassi. You would find solace in their Ice creams during the extremely hot summers. Further down the lane on the left, we have the Lip T,serving you with its Different stuffed pizzas,burgers,sandwiches, pastries and canned juices. Have a treat due from a friend or wish to relish a nice brownie, IITD has for you a Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) within its premises. Located within the Institute Area (Near the famous WindT), CCD offers an array of beverages and snacks at subsidised rates. Still, it might be a bit heavy on the pocket. But then, who knows What may happen over a coffee!!!

Near the Nilgiri Hostel, GUPTA store- A very small supermarket is located which is known for its wide variety of Biscuits ,chips ,snacks and Cold drinks.It is a place where you will find all the stuff needed for daily use-from soaps to brushes to mosquito repellents. We are blessed with another ‘LipT ‘ near the Vindhyachal Hostel - the only place where you can eat after 3 AM around the boys hostel area.There are 4 Tea Halts one in Kumaon, Karakoram, Zanskar and Girnar Hostel famous for their Masala chai Vada Pao@₹ 15 Sandwiches Pasta Paranthe Maggi Donuts Pastries and much more.There is another Mother Diary outside Kumaon Hostel selling ice-creams and a variety of curds and lassi.. In the Boys Hostel Area, we also have a Southy outlet, tasty authentic South Indian food again at subsidised rates. Open till late at night, it is preferred by a number of students who plan to skip the mess dinner for the day.

And for those nocturnals, or would-be nocturnals among you, almost each hostel has a Night mess serving special delicacies. You can have chinese and Indian @ Jwala, Big paranthe and maggi @ Nil and Ara, proper dhaba food @ Shiva and Vindy, poori channa snacks @ Girnar and Udaigiri, fried rice/roti-sabzi @ Satpura, maggi,chilli potato and paranthe @kailash and Himadri, paranthe and chilly potatoes,chilly soyabean, chilly cauliflower, chilly mushroom and egg maggi and rolls!! .

Immediately around IITD

For Foodies out there who have still got some jumping Rats:

  • Just step outside the Main Gate for hot steaming Momos, both Veg and Non-Veg.Have them either steamed or deep fried, serve as great stress busters after a long day of continuous classes.There ,if lucky enough you could find an ice cream stall or two.
  • SDA- Across the road is the Safdarjang Development Area (commonly called SDA market),housing a cluster of proper hangout places catering to all types of taste buds. In mood for some good Western stuff, you have outlets of famous brands such Barista, Costa Coffee, Pizza Square and Subway(Subway has special deals going on at times, ask about them- might save you some 50 bucks or more). “What A Comic Show”, “Spell and Bound”and “My Kind of Street Cafe”, all provide excellent ambience and food, this option might be a bit heavy on the pockets though. For the Desi people out there, you have Shafali sweets,Rainbows,Spice Angan and Little Punjab.
  • Have a 1 hour break between classes and want to have a good and hearty lunch? Looking for stuff like some tasty Rajma Chawal? Little Punjab(LP) is the place for you, built in a small shack at the rear end of the market. Follow it with a lassi and you don’t have to worry about your stomach till dinner. However, no guarantees about you being awake in class after that ;-). Just by the time Little Punjabi calls it a day, another shack starts on the right- serving Maggis, Bread pakora and Mccain’s products - the desi style. For those who are still not satisfied, SDA also has a Gol-Gappa(PaniPuri or puchka or whatever you call it) and Chat stall.
  • Chetan Bhagat’s Sassi ka Dhaba- located near hostel gate famous for its Shinkajivi,paranthe and band. It’s location may encourage you label this place as unhygienic, but trust us, we’ve tested it often enough!
  • Ber sarai - Ideal place to head to for your chinese and roadside-indian food appetites.You can find almost anything from momos, to golgappe to samosa chat here. Chowringhee Lane (8586000748) delivers to your hostels (min. order ~200)
  • Jia Sarai - It has China Town (9711143143) and Roll Corner (9650918218).

But that’s not all, we do have many more outlets around us. Just use or the Zomato App.

Outside IITD

Green Park Market

  • Distance- 2.1 km
  • How to reach
    Take an auto (₹ 30 when you take the auto from the SDA side and ₹ 40 from the Boys Hostel Gate).

Comment: This market has a number of good restaurants, affordable places with really tasty food.

  • Evergreen Restaurant: Serves Only Veg.
    Some of the best North Indian food you will get around if you are a vegetarian.
  • A2B Restaurant: ServesOnly Veg.
    Authentic South Indian Franchise, Not that expensive.Don’t forget to avail a 10% discount on your bill with your IIT ID card :P
  • Dominos and Pizza Hut Outlets
  • Cocoberry outlets for flavoured fresh yogurt lovers and Dunkin Donuts and Mad Over Donuts for Donut lovers.

This market has a lot more to offer. Keep exploring!!!

Secular House Canteen

  • Distance
    • 260m from IIT - Jnu Gate
    • 2.5km from IIT Main gate.

    To reach it just stroll within the campus and go out from Jnu gate or if you are too tired or in hurry then take a auto from IIT Main Gate.

  • Serves both Veg & Non-veg. Must have dish - Chilly Potato.
  • Comment: A very economical food joint with great food. Although the ambience is not cool but you won’t complain if you get a 10% discount on the total bill amount. Option of home delivery is available, but you get no discount in that case.

24 X 7 Food Court – JNU

  • Distance
    • 4.2km from IIT Main gate
    • 3km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    • From Main gate
      • Take auto or Bus No. 507A from IIT gate bus stop (Destination - Poorvanchal hostel).
    • From Hostel Gate
      • Take auto or Bus No. 615 from ISTM bus stop (Destination - Poorvanchal hostel)
      • Bus No. 507A, 621 from Ber Sarai bus stop (Destination - Poorvanchal hostel).
  • Serves Both Veg & Non-veg.
  • Comment Very economical with great food. No discount here but it is very light on wallet.Must try the fruit beer

JNU’s mughal restaurant -

  • Distance
    • 4.2km from IIT Main gate
    • 3km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
  • Take an auto to the Jnu T-point from the main gate(₹ 50)
    Usually takes around 16 min to be precise
  • Serves Both Veg & Non-veg.
  • Comment: A must for non-veg lovers .Anyone could die for their Tandoori Chicken and tasty Mutton biryani especially when your taste buds have forgotten what food tastes like. :p

Ganga Dhaba – JNU

  • Distance
    • 3.5km from IIT Main gate
    • 2.3km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    • From Main gate
      • Take auto or Bus No. 507A from IIT gate bus stop (Destination - Poorvanchal hostel).
    • From Hostel Gate
      • Take auto or Bus No. 615 from ISTM bus stop (Destination - Poorvanchal hostel)
      • Bus No. 507A, 621 from Ber Sarai bus stop (Destination - Poorvanchal hostel).
  • Comment Ideal place which serves chicken that tastes like home-cooked chicken. Very cheap.

Rajinder Da Dhaba – Safdarjung Enclave

  • Distance
    • 3km from IIT Main gate
    • 4.2km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    • By auto.
  • Serves Both Veg & Non-veg.
  • Comment Ideal place for Tandoor Lovers.Offers some of the best Kebabs and Galouti Rolls you will ever have. A real treat for all non-vegetarians. A bit pricy but the food almost makes up for it. Devoid of any seating area, having juicy and tasty chicken standing in the middle of the market with the seat of an anonymous two-wheeler as your table encapsulates an experience in itself.

PVR Priya

  • Distance 4.1 km
  • How to get there Take an auto (₹ 60 from the main gate)
  • Comment: This complex stations the famous PVR cinemas and many other food joints in fact the nearest McDonalds and KFC outlets. There is a Yo china restaurant and a Dominoes as well.

Select City Walk and DLF Mall - Saket

  • Distance 4.8 km
  • How to get there Take an auto (₹ 50 - ₹ 60 from the SDA side)

Ambience Mall and DLF Promenade – Vasant Kunj

  • Distance 6.1 km
  • How to get there
    Take an auto(₹ 60 - ₹ 70).

These are some nearby malls with good food courts that will have an array of Famous food Outlets under one roof. Good places to visit if you are in a large group.


Wondering where to buy what?

Connaught Place (Janpath and Palika Bazaar)

  • Distance
    • 12 km from IIT Main gate
    • 13.3 km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    Take an auto to Hauz Khas Metro and then the metro to Rajiv Chowk.
  • What to buy
    The famous Connaught place Market offers you everything you can ask from. Clothes, Electronics, Books… you name it and CP has it.

    Janpath is an excellent market if you are looking for some trendy clothes. All types of clothing are available at pretty affordable prices. The latest fashion wear from across the world reach Janpath before any other market The Palika Bazaar is an underground market, situated under the Central Park. The hub for all kind of pirated items, from Video CDs to Deodorants to even branded clothes. Jerseys of famous sporting teams available here at throwaway prices. A lot of funky goods are also available

    Tip - Although it has a lot to offer, it has its share of thugs as well. Keep a good eye so that you are not duped into buying fake goods and end up cursing us!!!

    There is plenty of scope to bargain in here. For those who are not good at this, quote about half of what the vendor offers, stand there with a cool and confident expression(as if you have been buying such stuff for years) or even walk away(it adds to the effect). Soon, you will have a guy running after you, offering you some great prices. The trick lies in guessing when to stop, you press a little too hard and you might just end up losing the chance to buy something good. This will be an experience in itself!!!

  • Comment - Must visit at least once.

Sarojini Nagar Market

  • Distance
    • 4.2 from IIT Hostel Gate
    • 5.4km from IIT Main gate.
  • How to reach
    • Take auto either from Main gate or Hostel Gate
    • Bus No. 615 from IIT hostel bus stop (Destination - Mori gate terminal)
  • What to buy All sorts of branded, non-branded clothes available at reasonable rates. Visit mainly for non-branded everyday use items (shorts, capri, t-shirts, shoes, sweat-shirts, trousers, bedsheets etc.). There are sports, cosmetics and household goods etc. stalls as well. There are instances of bargaining to a large extend in some cases. So pay according to merit of the thing you are buying.
  • Comment Need sweatshirts? visit Sarojini during winters.

Lajpat nagar market

  • Distance
    • 7.7km from IIT Main gate
    • 8.9km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    • From Main gate
      • Take an auto to Hauz Khas Metro or Bus No. 507 from IIT gate bus stop (Destination - Okhla extension).
    • From Hostel Gate
      • Take an auto to Hauz Khas Metro or Bus No. 507 from IIT hostel bus stop (Destination - Okhla extension).
  • What to buy All sorts of branded, non-branded clothes available at reasonable rates. Visit mainly for non-branded daily use/college wear clothes at reasonable price (shorts, capri, t-shirts, shoes, sweat-shirts, trousers, bedsheets etc.). There are some exclusive branded showrooms as well. The market offers a good combination of branded and non-branded stores.
  • Comment Generally a better collection of clothes is available in this market (t-shirts, capri, trousers etc.).

Munirka market

  • Distance
    • 2.5km from IIT Main gate
    • 1.3km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    • From Main gate
      • Take auto or Bus No. 764, 620, 507 from IIT gate bus stop.
    • From Hostel Gate
      • Take auto or Bus No. 507, 620,764 from IIT Hostel bus stop.
  • What to buy Mattress, Bed sheets, coolers (local) and furniture related items. There are some handloom, grocery and garments shops too.
  • Comment There are instances of bargaining to a large extend in some cases. So pay according to merit of the thing you are buying.

South Ex. & Kotla market

  • Distance
    • 5.1km from IIT Main gate
    • 6.3km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    • From Main gate
      • Take auto or Bus No. 507 from IIT gate bus stop (Destination - Okhla extension).
    • From Hostel Gate
      • Take auto or Bus No. 507 from IIT hostel bus stop (Destination - Okhla extension).
  • What to buy Almost all brand stores are present here (South Ex.). Visit Kotla market for buying electrical appliances at subsidised rates (Pedestal fan, coolers etc.)
  • Comment Find the correct price of the appliance you are buying by visiting similar shops.

Karol Bagh Market

  • Distance
    • 14.9km from IIT Main gate
    • 13.7km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    • Take auto to Hauz Khas Metro and then the metro, change to the blue line at Rajiv Chowk
  • What to buy One of the most famous markets of the city. It has showrooms of all famous well-known brands as well as small shops selling cheap but good quality casual clothing.The ideal place for buying college wear (especially T-shirts), it offers a lot of variety. An appropriate place for foodies as well. Bargaining possible in a few places. -Comment – Must visit at least once.

Nehru Palace

  • Distance
    • 6.3km from IIT Main gate
    • 7.5km from IIT Hostel Gate.
  • How to reach
    • Take auto (₹ 50 - ₹ 60 from the SDA side or Bus No. 764) from IIT gate/ IIT hostel bus stop.
  • What to buy Nehru Place is one of the biggest electronic hub in the whole of India. From screen guards for your phones to new swanky covers to getting your laptops repaired, this is the one stop solution for everything. The market has service centers and retail outlets of all leading mobile phone and laptop brands. However, the roadside stalls offering a wide array of things seem to stand out. Few shops selling wallets ( for ₹ 50 only) and laptop bags are also there.
  • Comment-Beware of pickpockets.

P.S. - For everything else malls are always there… :p

Sports at IIT Delhi

Sports have always been an important extra-curricular activity at IIT Delhi. We have facilities for almost all sports and excellent coaches who are always eager to take in new students and practice with players everyday to make the best out of them. Numerous events are held throughout the year where all the sports enthusiasts are given a chance to participate and excel.

The Sports events begins with the inter hostel tournaments in September, where 11 boys and 2 girls hostels compete for the General Championship. In mid October, trials for selection of the institute team will be held. The Institute team participates in the Inter IIT sports meet, which is the biggest event of the Board for Sports Activities: a ten day sports meet in December held annually at one of the seven IIT’s. The inter hostel competitions go on till February. The month of March begins with the sports fest of IIT Delhi: The Sportech. Around 20 colleges from north India compete in this four day fest. Apart from the main competitions, many league matches are organized with other colleges in Delhi.

All these events require dedication and regular practice.Our institue provides interested students with ample opportunities and facilities Near the academic area, in front of the Bharti Building is the hockey and athletics field. These green, well kept fields equipped with flood lights are always open for students to come and play. Right next to it is the cricket ground and the pavilion. There are two basketball courts: for the beginners as well as for pros. Then there is the football field where we have coaches from the Baichung Bhutia School of Football.

To the right of the SAC circle are the Tennis courts. Tennis has always proven to be IIT Delhi’s strength in the Inter IIT sports meet. There are clay as well as synthetic courts. Adjacent to the tennis courts are the volley ball courts and “The Wall” for wall practice. Thanks to the flood lights, students are found playing tennis and volleyball as late as at 1 am in night.

The Student Activity Center houses the Table Tennis, Squash and Badminton Courts. There is a gym, with different time allowances for boys and girls and a weightlifting arena. For indoor sports we have billiards and snooker tables and those facilities can be availed by applying for a Pool membership.

The swimming pool isn’t functional now but there are many other options open to the swimmers, like the pool near JNU and in Munirika where the aquatics team practices will be held. Beginners can also learn swimming by paying a nominal fee at these swimming pools.

Every year in the summer break, a 3-4 week sports camp is organized . Players get to practice in the morning and evenings to increase their stamina and endurance. Freshers and Beginners are always encouraged and welcome to learn any sport at IIT Delhi. Regular practice and dedication can make anyone a champion, even if one has no prior experience in sports.

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    • There is no bus which goes from IIT main gate to New Delhi station. There is 615 which goes from IIT hostel bus stop in Africa avenue to NDLS station.
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    • I have never seen any bus named “Airport express” anywhere near any bus stops around IIT.
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    • Added alternate way to reach IITD from NZM
  1. Some mentors report that this bus was never sighted around IITD.
  2. IITD can be reached by changing the bus at Nehru Place. From Hazrat Nizamuddin, board 427 to reach Nehru Place and then 764 to reach IITD.
  3. Only girls hostel gate.