Getting Started with Axoloti
Getting Started with Axoloti
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Getting Started with Axoloti

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Completed on 2016-03-02

About the Book

This book will help you to get started with Axoloti, an open source platform for creating electronic music instruments.

You will learn to create synthesizers, drum machines and audio effects.

Chapter 1 is available as a free sample. If you want to read the rest of the book, you'll have to buy it.

  • Chapter 1: Creating Your First Synthesizer
  • Chapter 2: Creating a Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Chapter 3: Diving into Sound Design
  • Chapter 4: Creating Drum Machines
  • Chapter 5: Creating Audio Effects
  • Chapter 6: Adding Physical Controls

You can listen to the sounds from the book on SoundCloud.

About the Author

Jan Vantomme
Jan Vantomme

Jan Vantomme is a computational designer based in Ghent, Belgium. He wrote the Processing 2: Creative Programming Cookbook for Packt Publishing in 2012. 

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 - Creating Your First Synthesizer
    • Part 1: Making Noise
    • Part 2: Making the Noise Stop
    • Part 3: Adding Velocity
    • Part 4: Adding an Envelope
    • Part 5: Adding a Filter
    • Exercises
  • Chapter 2 - Creating a Polyphonic Synthesizer
    • Part 1: Creating a Monophonic Synthesizer
    • Part 2: Converting your Monophonic Synthesizer into a Subpatch
    • Part 3: Creating a Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Chapter 3 - Diving into Sound Design
    • Creating a Bass Synth
    • Creating a Sub-Bass Synth
    • Creating a Lead Synth
    • Creating a Pad Sound
    • Creating an Experimental Drone Synth
    • Exercises
  • Chapter 4 - Creating Drum Machines
    • Creating a Drum Machine with Samples
    • Creating a Basic Sequencer
    • Creating a Sequencer with MIDI Clock
    • Creating a Bass Drum
    • Creating a Snare Drum
    • Creating a Tom
    • Creating a Hi-hat
    • Creating a Cowbell
    • Creating Bleeps
    • Creating Subpatches
  • Chapter 5 - Creating Audio Effects
    • Distortion
    • Delay
    • Auto-wah
    • Vibrato
    • Flanger
    • Bitcrusher
    • Auto-Pan
    • Exercises
  • Chapter 6 - Adding Physical Controls
    • Connecting MIDI Controllers
    • Connecting the iPad
    • Connecting an LED
    • Connecting Buttons, Toggles and Switches
    • Connecting a Potentiometer
    • Connecting an Analog Thumb Joystick
    • Connecting a Distance Sensor

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