Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Guide 1
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Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Guide 1

Learn with challenge labs, assessment tests and practice exams to build innovations and real-life experiences

About the Book

This study guide I believe is the only most updated book that can get you from wherever you are now to passing Google's Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. It is awesome because I have already used it to help many students pass their official google cloud certification exams.

To help you build strong confidence before writing the exam, I have added

challenge labs

assessment tests bank

flash card banks and

official practice exam questions, answers and remarks

clear, downloadable screenshots and summaries for quick exam revision

how to create a free trial GCP account with $300 credit you can use for 12 months

I also provide support for everyone who bought this book. So if you did, you really have nothing to worry about. If you have questions, or if you need further help in your labs or hands-on projects, just contact me. I personally attend to every inquiry or concern of my readers and get back within 24 hours.

This book includes use cases of the most recent Google Cloud Platform services. This ensures you have all you need to both pass your exam and to use the Google cloud in real life, even if you have little or no prior experience with the platform.

You should get certified to prove you've learned the skills many companies need to run production workloads in the cloud. I have written this guide in three volumes to ensure I cover all the required domains. This guide is all you need because I put a lot of hard work into it to teach you how to cloud.

Are you ready to get started? Order and read this book to begin your smooth journey to success in your Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.

About the Author

Bolakale Aremu
Bolakale Aremu

My name is Bolakale Aremu. I am multi-talented. As a computer engineer and a computer scientist, I have over 15 years of teaching experience in software development and computer hardware architecture. I am the CEO of AB Publisher LLC, a media publishing company. In the last few years I have helped the IT industry develop various useful programs on Windows, MacOS and PLCs (programmable logic controllers).

I always build solutions from scratch and go as far as modifying open source software to meet my client’s needs. As an embedded systems expert, I design embedded Systems that optimize performance and cost against complex requirements. I leverage Stratify OS (a POSIX like RTOS for micro-controllers) to quickly and cost-effectively develop complex firmware applications in Python and C/C++ languages. I work with a dedicated team of Python programmers who look into specific automation problems and proffer solutions to them.

For any inquiry, you can contact us with any of the email addresses below any time. If you want to contribute your knowledge to this website, or if you have a request, just send us your message. We promise to do our best to help.

Bolakale Aremu (CEO), Founder,

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 1.1. How’s Google Certification Exams Different from Amazon's?
  • 1.2. How Much Overlap Between ACE and PCA?
  • 1.3. What You Will Learn at the End of This Course
  • 1.3.1. Objectives of This Course
  • 1.3.2. Course Structure
  • 1.3.3. Key Takeaways
  • 1.3.4. Prerequisites
  • 1.3.5. Your Background
  • 1.3.6. My Course Design Principles
  • 2. Certification Exam Guide
  • 2.1. Google’s Job Role Description
  • 2.1.1. Job Role Highlights
  • 2.2. Overview of the Exam Sections (aka “Domain”)
  • 2.2.1. Section 1: Setting up a cloud solution environment
  • 2.2.2. Section 2: Planning and configuring a cloud solution
  • 2.2.3. Section 3: Deploying and implementing a cloud solution
  • 2.2.4. Section 4: Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution
  • 2.2.5. Section 5: Configuring access and security
  • 3. Introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • 3.1. GCP Context
  • 3.1.1. Competition
  • 3.1.2. Innovation
  • 3.1.3. Google Organization
  • 3.1.4. Focus
  • 3.1.5. History of GCP
  • 3.1.6. GCP Structure and Design – Zones, Regions, Networks, Security, Scaling, Automation, Pricing, & Resource Quotas
  • 4. Introduction to GCP Products/Services (A Valuable Walkthrough)
  • 4.1. What is Cheating?
  • 4.1.1. Cheating at Learning (Non-Exam)
  • 4.1.2. Google Cloud’s Developers Cheat Sheet
  • 4.2. Products/Services as Building Blocks
  • 4.2.1. A Tour of the Developers Cheat Sheet
  • 4.3. Key Building Blocks
  • 4.3.1. Compute Engine
  • 4.3.2. Cloud Functions
  • 4.3.3. Cloud Storage
  • 4.3.4. Persistent Disk
  • 4.3.5. Cloud Filestore
  • 4.3.6. Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • 4.3.7. Cloud TPU (AI/Machine Learning)
  • 4.3.8. Cloud Natural Language API, Cloud Speech-To-Text & Cloud Text-To-Speech (AI/Machine Products)
  • 4.3.9. AI Platform Deep Learning VM
  • 4.3.10. AutoML Natural Language, AutoML Translation & AutoML Vision
  • 4.3.11. Cloud SQL
  • 4.3.12. Cloud Spanner
  • 4.3.13. Cloud FireStore
  • 4.3.14. Cloud Datastore
  • 4.3.15. Cloud Bigtable
  • 4.3.16. Cloud Dataflow & Cloud Dataproc
  • 4.3.17. Cloud Life Sciences (formerly, Google Genomics)
  • 4.3.18. Cloud Pub/Sub
  • 4.3.19. BigQuery
  • 4.3.20. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • 4.3.21. Dedicated Interconnect
  • 4.3.22. Cloud NAT
  • 4.3.23. Cloud Load Balancing
  • 4.3.24. Cloud Armor
  • 4.3.25. Cloud CDN
  • 4.3.26. Cloud DNS
  • 4.3.27. Operations (formerly, Stackdriver)
  • 4.3.28. Cloud Identity
  • 4.3.29. Cloud IAM
  • 4.3.30. Cloud HSM
  • 4.3.31. Cloud Data Loss Prevention API
  • 5. Getting Started
  • 5.1. How Far Along?
  • 6. Account Setup
  • 6.1. Introduction to Free-Tier GCP Accounts
  • 6.1.1. GCP Free Trial
  • 6.1.2. Free Trial Restrictions
  • 6.1.3. “Always Free” Compute Highlights
  • 6.1.4. “Always Free” Storage Highlights
  • 6.1.5. “Always Free” Networking Highlights
  • 6.1.6. “Always Free” Other Highlights
  • 6.2. Challenge Lab 1: Creating Free-Tier GCP Account to Get $300 Free Credit
  • 6.2.1. Starting Off Lab 1
  • 6.3. Challenge Lab 2: Exploring GCP Console
  • 6.3.1. Starting Off Lab 2
  • 6.4. Challenge Lab 3: Setting up Billing Export to BigQuery
  • 6.4.1. Starting Off Lab 3
  • 6.5. Challenge Lab 4: Setting up Billing Alert
  • 6.5.1. Starting Off Lab 4
  • 6.6. Challenge Lab 5: Setting up Non-Admin User Access
  • 6.6.1. Billing IAM
  • 6.6.2. Setting Up Non-Admin Google Account
  • 6.6.3. Starting Off Lab 5
  • 7. Cloud Shell and Data Flow
  • 7.1. What is Google Cloud Shell?
  • 7.1.1. Cloud Shell Highlights
  • 7.2. Challenge Lab 6: Exploring Cloud Shell and Editor
  • 7.2.1. Starting Off Lab 6
  • 7.3. Introduction to Data Flows
  • 7.3.1 Context of Data Flow and My Advice
  • 7.3.2. The 3 Core Components of Data Flow
  • 7.3.3. Mental Models for Data Flow
  • 7.3.4. Cloud Shell Lab Data Flow
  • 7.3.5. The Key Takeaways
  • 7.4. Challenge Lab 7: Updating Course Files in Cloud Shell
  • 7.4.1. What’s the Plan?
  • 7.4.2. Starting Off Lab 7
  • 7.4.3. How Far Along?
  • 8. GCP Basic Services
  • 8.1. Challenge Lab 8: Creating Google Cloud Storage Project
  • 8.1.1. Starting Off Lab 8
  • 8.1.2. Lab Assessment Test
  • 8.2. Challenge Lab 9: Using Gsutil Command Line Tool
  • 8.2.1. Starting Off Lab 9
  • 8.3. Challenge Lab 10: Starting Our First Virtual Machine in GCE
  • 8.3.1. Starting Off Lab 10
  • 8.4. Rundown on Gcloud Syntax: Commands, Flags, Parameters, Configurations and Properties
  • 8.4.1. Overview of Gcloud Commands
  • 8.4.2. Gcloud Basic Syntax
  • 8.4.3. Global Flags
  • 8.4.4. Configuration Properties
  • 8.4.5. Gcloud Configurations
  • 8.5. Challenge Lab 11: Creating Google Compute Engine Instance and Connecting Into/Out of it from the Command Line
  • 8.5.1. Starting Off Lab 11
  • 8.6. Challenge Lab 12: Creating Google Compute Engine Instance and Connecting Into it from the GCP Console
  • 8.6.1. Starting Off Lab 12
  • 8.7. How Far Along?
  • 9. GCS & GCE Challenge Lab
  • 9.1. DIY Challenge Lab 1: Creating A Brand-New Project Using GCP Console
  • 9.1.1. Tips for the DIY Challenge Lab
  • 9.2. DIY Challenge Lab 2: Creating A Brand-New Project Using Command Line Interface in Cloud Shell
  • 9.3. How Data Flows in The GCS & GCE Lab (Watch Animation)
  • 9.4. GCS & GCE Challenge Lab Walkthrough
  • 9.4.1. The Challenge Lab Demo
  • 9.5. Sample Exam Questions Breakdown
  • 9.5.1. Strategy for Breaking Down & Answering Certification Exam Questions
  • 9.5.2. Sample Practice Questions, Answers & Remarks
  • 10. Self-Assessment Tests & Practice Exams: Questions, Answers & Remarks
  • 10.1. Assessment Test 1 (50 Questions)
  • 10.2. Assessment Test 2 (Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Exam 1)
  • 10.3. Assessment Test 3 (Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Exam 2)
  • 10.4. Study Guide Test Bank & Flash Cards: 250 Test Bank Questions and 121 Flash Cards
  • 10.4.1. How to Customize the Test Bank
  • 10.4.2. How to Customize the Flash Cards
  • 10.4.2. How to Register for Free
  • 11. How to Pass Associate Cloud Engineer Exam on First Attempt
  • 11.1. Invaluable Advice for Your ACE Exam Preparation
  • 11.2. 5 Expert Tips for Your Preparation
  • 11.3. Download All Screenshots in this Book
  • 11.4. Conclusion
  • 11.3. More Helpful Resources
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