Game Development Design
Game Development Design
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Game Development Design

Last updated on 2015-06-05

About the Book

Game Development Design is a collection of short articles about programming topics especially for game programming. Main topics are modern software design, effective techniques and good habits, targeted mainly at free-time/indie developers or those who're interested in trying out new programming approaches.

This book is for people who want to support the GDD articles, as they are also available online at Tank's Blog for free.

About the Author

Stefan Schindler
Stefan Schindler

Stefan is a 30-year-old programmer from Germany and often driven by pragmatic principles. He loves game development, Arch Linux, C++, Python and Vim.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Foreword
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. GDD#1: The Component System (Part 1)
    • 3.1 A Popular Approach: Constructed Entities
    • 3.2 An Automatic Approach: Self-Attaching Components
    • 3.3 Conclusion
  • 4. GDD#1: The Component System (Part 2)
    • 4.1 Properties
    • 4.2 Entities
    • 4.3 Controllers
    • 4.4 Systems
    • 4.5 Implementation hints
    • 4.6 Conclusion
  • 5. GDD#2: Good Habits, Techniques and Workflows
    • 5.1 YAGNI
    • 5.2 Refactoring
    • 5.3 Testing
    • 5.4 Test-driven development
    • 5.5 Conclusion
  • 6. GDD#3: Message Bus
    • 6.1 Replacing the dependencies with a message bus
    • 6.2 Messages
    • 6.3 Sending useful messages
    • 6.4 What to send to the bus
    • 6.5 Implementation hints
    • 6.6 Conclusion
  • 7. GDD#4: Errors
    • 7.1 Error types
    • 7.2 Error reporting strategies
    • 7.3 Conclusion
  • 8. GDD#5: Optimizing and engineering
    • 8.1 Optimizing
    • 8.2 Code engineering
    • 8.3 Conclusion
  • 9. Contact and Feedback

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