Functional PHP
Functional PHP (Functional Programming in PHP)
Functional PHP

Last updated on 2016-09-08

About the Book

Functional programming. Sure. I've been using functions for years. What's the catch? Indeed you have been using functions a lot, just not in this way. When you think of functions as merely a collection of statements grouped together as an executable, you're thinking procedural programming. The truth is, functional programming is not a tool or a framework, but fundamentally an approach to software developmentSince PHP 5.3 you can take advantage of higher-order functions and closures to create code with an extremely high quality that is more robust, maintainable, extensible and bug free. 

In this book, I provide a practical approach to functional programming and show how it compares to other programming paradigms (procedural and object-oriented). This book is filled with examples that showcase functional concepts and techniques, plus using PHP in a ways you've probably never though it could.

This book is for the professional PHP developer. There's no crazy academic nonsense or mathematical equations, just pure and practical hardcore use of functions with the most widespread web language today.  

Table of Contents

  • Thinking Functionally in PHP?
    • Introduction
    • Which PHP version to use?
    • Hello FP
    • Declarative coding
    • Designing for immutability and statelessness
    • Pure functions fix side effects
    • Referential Transparency
    • A look into functional decomposition
    • To sum up, what is functional programming?
  • Higher-order PHP
    • PHP’s first-class, higher-order functions
    • Using containers improve your APIs
    • Closures
    • Functional vs Object-Oriented Summary Table
  • Point-free Data Flows and currying
  • Error handling with Monads
  • React: The Promise Monad
  • Reactive Programming in PHP
  • Functional Domain Modeling
  • Object-oriented in the large, functional in the small

About the Author

Luis Atencio
Luis Atencio

Staff Software Engineer @ Citrix and author of Functional Programming in JavaScript (Manning 2016) [] and RxJS in Action (Manning 2016)

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