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Completed on 2018-06-01

About the Book

Written from scratch and packed with advice from real-world experiences, career.fork() is a hit-the-ground-running guide for developers wanting to be their own boss.

This 130-page title combines author Steve Jalim's experience as a respected, trusted independent developer (and many years before that as a freelance journalist) with relevant advice drawn from his professional network of smart fellow hackers.

What people are saying about it

"I learned something on every page" @pete_naish

"Fantastic book; read this a year after starting and it still has some great tips to abide by" DM

"This is a well-written book packed with priceless information for those intending to make a career as a freelance developer. I wished I paid more for it!" KM

"Marvelous book. Light read, full of useful info. Heartily recommended for everyone who is thinking about freelancing or has already taken the leap." ST

"A really interesting book about freelancing. Recommended if you're thinking about it." @pyriku

"Really impressive. I wish I'd had it when I first started freelancing." @prydie

"For anyone thinking about doing the freelance thing, check out this gem of a book" @madteckhead

What's in it?

It covers a heap of key topics: from striking out on your own to keeping clients happy; from managing your finances to winning new work; from avoiding bad gigs to perfecting your work/life balance and lots, lots more.

The current version available is v1.0, with the continuing plan that relevant feedback and new content will be worked in over time. And because this is Leanpub, when you buy v1.0, you'll get those updates for free. So if you're reading the book and feel like there's some more detail you want it to contain, ask Steve and he'll happily look into it.

About the Author

Steve Jalim
Steve Jalim

Steve is an experienced independent developer who likes making interesting webapps. Formerly, he spent a decade as a professional journalist and copywriter. He lives in a slightly hilly part of Britain with his fab wife and two young daughters and enjoys looking at a hammock strung up in the garden, even though he never has time to relax in it.

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