Flexible, Reliable, Distributed Software
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Flexible, Reliable, Distributed Software

Still Using Patterns and Agile Development, 2nd Edition

About the Book

Flexible, Reliable, Distributed Software continues the tradition from the original book Flexible, Reliable Software - Using Patterns and Agile Development, by Henrik Bærbak Christensen, CRC Press 2010. It puts emphasis on the architectural challenges facing developers when tackling distributed object-oriented programming, and presents a solution, the Broker pattern. It is treated both at the overview level, as well as at the code level. And of course, the tradition of emphasis on testing as a means to produce reliable software, is continued in this treatment. Finally, the REpresentational State Transfer architecture is presented and of course implemented.

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About the Author

Henrik Bærbak Christensen
Henrik Bærbak Christensen

Henrik Bærbak Christensen is an associate professor at Computer Science Department at the University of Aarhus, where he has been teaching software architecture and advanced design and programming techniques for more than twenty years to students as well as seasoned developers. Dr. Christensen is also the owner of Imhotep, a company specializing in consulting and courses in software development.

Table of Contents

  • Flexible, Reliable, Distributed Software
  • 1. TeleMed Case
    • 1.1 Learning Objectives
    • 1.2 TeleMed Stories
    • 1.3 A Role Based Design
    • 1.4 A Server side Role based Design
    • 1.5 Related Work
  • 2. Basic Concepts
    • 2.1 The Issues Involved
    • 2.2 Elements of a Solution
    • 2.3 Tying Things Together
    • 2.4 Summary of Key Concepts
    • 2.5 Review Questions
  • 3. Broker Part One
    • 3.1 Learning Objectives
    • 3.2 The Problem
    • 3.3 The Broker Pattern
    • 3.4 Analysis
    • 3.5 Summary of Key Concepts
    • 3.6 Review Questions
  • 4. Implementing Broker
    • 4.1 Learning Objectives
    • 4.2 Architectural Concerns
    • 4.3 Domain Layer
    • 4.4 Client Side
    • 4.5 Server side
    • 4.6 Test-driven development of Distributed Systems
    • 4.7 Using the Broker library
    • 4.8 Summary of Key Concepts
  • 5. Broker Part Two
    • 5.1 Learning Objectives
    • 5.2 Limitations in the TeleMed Case
    • 5.3 Game Lobby Stories
    • 5.4 Walkthrough of a Solution
    • 5.5 Summary of Key Concepts
    • 5.6 Review Questions
  • 6. HTTP
    • 6.1 Learning Objectives
    • 6.2 A HTTP Walk-through
    • 6.3 A HTTP Case Study: PasteBin
    • 6.4 Broker using HTTP
    • 6.5 Summary of Key Concepts
    • 6.6 Review Questions
  • 7. REST
    • 7.1 Learning Objectives
    • 7.2 The Demise of Broker Architectures
    • 7.3 Representational State Transfer (REST)
    • 7.4 Richardson’s model for Levels in REST
    • 7.5 The Architectural Style
    • 7.6 Level 1 REST: TeleMed
    • 7.7 Documenting REST API
    • 7.8 Continued REST Design for TeleMed
    • 7.9 Implementing REST based TeleMed
    • 7.10 Level 2 REST: GameLobby
    • 7.11 Testability and TDD of REST designs
    • 7.12 Summary of Key Concepts
    • 7.13 Review Questions
  • Bibliography
  • Notes

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