Build 10 Flutter 3.0 Apps in 100 Days
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Build 10 Flutter 3.0 Apps in 100 Days

A Step by Step Guide to build Apps and Master Flutter

About the Book

This book will teach you how to Build 10 Beautiful Flutter Apps in 100 Days.

This is a step by step guide that will also teach you how to master Flutter Design, backend programming with SQLite database, WordPress, Firebase and Firestore.

To assist you I will write updated articles on Flutter Apps in my website as well.

Building beautiful design and layouts is the most challenging thing in mobile application development.

However, in most cases, either the design, or the layout is not user friendly. At the same time we need to know that Flutter basically runs on its User Interface thread.

Therefore, firstly, we need to understand how User Interface in Flutter works at the core. And after that, we will learn how to build beautiful Flutter Apps.

Otherwise, whatever design we have in our mind, or whatever layout we need to draw and describe on the screen by calling widgets, it will remain incomplete and we don't get the desired result.

Moreover, these two terms, design and layout confuse rather than clarify when we build Flutter Apps.

Design comes first. This is the abstract part of our layout which we materialise with Flutter widgets.

However, there are hundreds of widgets, and thousands of methods and properties in Flutter. But which will help us to build a beautiful design and layout in our Flutter Apps?

This book will be your guide and will help you to achieve the expertise in 100 days.

This book will shed light on these unusual Flutter components, such as element, baseline, aspect ratio, constraints, and many more that are essential for creating delightful designs.

That's why we concentrate to learn different and difficult components of User Interface in Flutter together.

We hope, this journey will end up in understanding designs and layouts in Flutter in a deeper way.

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About the Author

Sanjib Sinha
Sanjib Sinha

A Freak, in an absurd journey that starts from nowhere, and ends up nowhere.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Getting Started with Flutter 3.0
    • Download or Upgrade to the latest Flutter 3.0
    • What is new in Flutter 3.0
    • 1 How Widget tree follows the design and layout principles
    • Does Flutter require coding?
    • What is Widget in Flutter
    • How to use Widget
    • Difference between Non-Material and Material Widgets
    • What are constraints in flutter
    • What is the problem here?
    • How do you use constraints in flutter?
    • What are BoxConstraints in Flutter
    • What is Align in Flutter
    • How to use aspect ratio widget
    • What is Baseline in Flutter
  • 2. How to implement a design by building layouts
    • How to paint in Flutter?
    • What is layout in Flutter
    • How we build Flutter Layout
    • What is an AppBar? How do you use AppBar in Flutter?
    • AppBar Flutter: How to use AppBar right way?
    • What is SliverAppBar in flutter?
    • How to use AppBar Toolbars in flutter
    • How to make tab bar view in flutter
    • How to use TabBar in Flutter
    • How to make the AppBar transparent
  • 3. What are responsive and adaptive Flutter Applications
    • How to use Stack in Flutter
    • What is Stack-positioned
    • Stack-Positioned-bottom
    • Stack-Alignment
  • 4. How to build a Quiz App
    • How do you Map a list in flutter?
    • How do I get a List of Maps in Dart?
    • How to change theme of an App?
    • What is hex color code
    • How to use Theme property in the Flutter Quiz App
    • How we use List in the Quiz App?
    • List and Map in Quiz App
    • Why we need Object Oriented Style?
    • Encapsulation and Private property
    • How Flutter List Quiz App works
  • 5. Let’s Build a Happiness Calculator
    • What is Slider Widget
    • Why we need and how to use Slider
    • Customizing the theme
    • How to use the custom theme
    • How SliderTheme works
    • Router API in Flutter
    • What is Navigator.push?
    • What is Navigtor.pop?
    • Business Logic behind an Flutter App
    • What is the difference between Business Logic and UI Logic?
    • How to create Flutter Business Logic?
    • How to pass values through Navigation?
    • How we can display data got from Business Logic?
  • 6. How we can build a Food Recipe App with List and Map
    • What is GridView Flutter and How it works
    • Model folder is the source of data
    • How to use Naviagtion to send data
    • How to add a custom Font
    • Flutter navigation and sending data
    • How a Widget receives data
    • Named Route and sending data
    • Simple Flutter navigation
    • How to use Flutter named route
    • Object relationship in Flutter
    • Why we need relation in Flutter
    • How to establish relation in Flutter
    • Model View Controller
    • Role of controller in MVC
    • The Next Challenge
    • Relation between tables, list and map
    • Why Flutter List Iterate is important?
    • What is clean navigation
    • Routes property and its functions
    • Route Flutter tips and tricks
  • 7. Let’s learn how a Weather App uses API and serializes JSON data
    • Future then, aync, await, API, JSON: Let’s build a Current Weather Tracker App
    • Future Flutter: WithHer App – Step 1
    • Geolocator plugin makes our life easier
    • What is asynchronous programming?
    • What is Future in Flutter?
    • What are async and await?
    • Flutter State: WithHer App – Step 2
    • API Flutter: WithHer App – Step 3
    • What is an API?
    • How can we use API in Flutter?
    • JSON Flutter: WithHer App – Step 4
    • What is JSON in Flutter?
    • Future Then: WithHer App – Step 5
    • What is Future.then() method?
    • The difference between Future then and async, await
    • Future in Flutter: WithHer App – Step 6
    • What is Future in Flutter?
    • Display data with Future in Flutter
    • Pass data to State Flutter: Final Weather App
    • Passing data from a Stateful Widget
    • Pass data to a State object in Flutter
  • 8. How we can build a Blog App and learn Flutter backend programming using SQLite
    • Flutter 2.8, Future, await, async and Database
    • What is new in Flutter 2.8
    • Future, await and async
    • Which database we use in Flutter
    • SQLite Database and Flutter
    • Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete with SQLite Database
    • SQLite Blog in Flutter: First Part
    • SQLite Blog, Flutter: Second Part
    • SQLite Blog, Flutter: Final Part
    • Scoped Model, Provider, SQLite Database and FutureBuilder
    • SQLite with Provider in Flutter
    • What is Scoped Model in flutter
    • Scoped Model and SQLite in Flutter
    • What is future builder in Flutter
  • 9. NoWar App Challenge
    • What is Dart list asMap method?
    • How to design Flutter UI
    • How to use model class to design Flutter UI?
  • 10. How to build a Exchange Rate App
    • For loop Flutter: PriceTracker App – Step 1
    • Why do we use for loop?
    • How for loop in Flutter works?
    • HTTP Request in Flutter: PriceTracker App Final step
    • How do I get HTTP request flutter?
  • 11. A Chat App with Firebase Authentication and Firestore Database
    • Why we use the Firebase?
    • Is Flutter and Firebase full stack?
    • Is Firebase easy to learn?
    • Flutter and Firebase: How to Initialise App and Avoid Errors
    • What is Firebase in Flutter?
    • Initialise App and avoid errors
    • Firebase and Flutter: Chat App authentication
    • How Firebase authentication works
    • Is Firebase a backend or database?
    • Flutter Firestore: Chat App Final Step
  • 12. A Blog App with Firebase Authentication and Firestore Database
    • Flutter sign in business logic
    • Multi Provider with Firebase
    • Flutter web 3.0 and Firestore database
    • Sending data through the class constructor
    • Text Form Field Flutter size, how to increase in web app
    • Does the text form field flutter size vary?
    • Theme color Flutter, how to use in web app
    • Theme color across the flutter app
    • Material design 3 Flutter : A Light Theme
    • Material 3 Flutter : A Dark Theme in Web App
    • Material 3 Flutter : Parent and Child
    • Material 3 : Flutter Firebase, Provider Blog App Final
    • Material 3 and Flutter 3.0
  • 13. A Complete News App - Using WordPress as the backend
    • How Flutter and WordPress work together?
    • How do I link my WordPress to Flutter?
    • Can we convert the WordPress app into the Flutter app?
    • Create, retrieve, update, and delete
    • How to create a NewsApp in WordPress?
    • How Can I use Flutter with WordPress?
    • How to show Categories in the NewsApp
    • How to use Tab in Flutter?
    • How Tab Controller works in Flutter
  • 14. Flutter app and Artificial Intelligence
    • What is TensorFlow?
    • How Artificial Intelligence helps us to move forward
    • Are there any examples of Artificial Intelligence?
  • 15. What Next

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