Flimflam Man
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Flimflam Man

The Tragedy of Barack Hussein Obama

About the Book

"We likely have the most ignorant, ideological, brainwashed dupe this country has ever elected to high office."

Barack Obama is the most unusual president in my lifetime. He entered office with messianic-like qualities. He will leave office as a failed president. The hope and promise that began his Administration is gone. In its place is the tragedy of hopes dashed, a nation worse-off and a seemingly oblivious president flirting with impeachment. Once the glow of the halo dissipated, Obama was dependent on policy and substance. Unfortunately he had neither:

"There never was any substance to the man or his Administration. The image was like an old Hollywood set, all facade and no depth. Now the winds of reality are slowly and inexorably tearing away the facade."

His assumed superior intelligencewas unmasked:

"Arrogance when it is accompanied with incompetence is stupidity of the highest order, and usually fatal." "He is still an intellectual child, locked into the ideas from the 60′s -- both the 1960s and the Marxist 1860s. In that sense he is an intellectual dwarf, frozen in a state of puberty. His "knowledge" is based on nothing but the discredited ideologies of Socialism."

Familiarity damaged his likability:

"This Wizard of Oz was not some bumbling, harmless old man. He was pompous, arrogant, mean, disingenuous and incompetent."

His phenomenal fall from grace creates a fascinating political drama. Supporters, particularly the media and Democrat Party, must wrestle with continued support or abandonment. For some, including Obama, this decision may be existential:

"The most overt and ominous sign is provided by Democrats up for re-election. None want to be seen with Obama. He has leper-like appeal as a result of his policies and declining poll numbers."

Obama has not worn well and accomplished little, probably nothing:

"Nothing that Obama has done can be called an achievement, at least a positive one. The medical system is in disarray with additional unpleasant surprises ahead. The economy is not recovering. Joblessness is a disgrace. Our allies are embarrassed by US foreign policy blunders and slights. Obama's penchant for lying is now widely recognized and he is up to his neck in scandals." "Obama's legacy is apt to be that he out-Cartered Jimmy Carter."

Seemingly desperate, Obama appears willing to do anything during his remaining term in office to establish a legacy and the transformation of America. This pursuit is foolhardy and seemingly delusional, having the potential to destroy him and his party. He flirts with impeachment, seemingly oblivious to the risks. 

For political aficionados, it is the best of times. For those who love their country, it is a time for despair.

About the Author

Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin

“Monty Pelerin” is a pseudonym derived from The Mont Pelerin Society. The pseudonym was adopted because I didn’t want any personal political views or opinions to leak into the college classroom. I no longer teach, but the name has taken on its own identity as a result of Monty Pelerin's World, a website begun in 2009. 

The photo is that of Friedrich Hayek, Nobel laureate in Economics in 1974. He was the founder of the Mont Pelerin Society in 1947 and is used to represent Monty Pelerin. 

“Monty” retired to Asheville, NC several years back. His career included corporate and academic experience. Corporate experience was primarily in the financial area and included several CFO positions. The academic included college and graduate level teaching for about ten years. AB, MBA and PhD degrees from Duke University, the University of Chicago and Syracuse University in finance and economics provided the necessary "union credentials."

A love of country and concern for its future prompted the website Monty Pelerin's World. It deals with Economic, Political and Financial topics. As I write this, there are approximately 4,200 posts on this active website.  

My writing reflects concerns about this country's future. Three common threads should be obvious:

  • The nonsense that passes for wisdom in both the political and economic arenas is appalling. Deserved disrespect for this so-called wisdom is apparent. When one is witness to the disintegration of his country and way of life, it is difficult and inappropriate to remain dispassionate. 
  • Inter-generational equity is another concern. Those called Grandfather or Grandmother have personal as well as philosophical concerns. Our children and grandchildren will pay for the nonsense we have been party to.
  • There are no economic problems, only political ones. Economic problems, left alone, are naturally self-correcting. Political interventions create and worsen economic problems. 

The Chinese curse of "interesting times" is upon us. What is happening, and likely to continue, will be looked at by future historians as seminal in terms of its influence on us and the rest of the world. "What were they thinking?" is apt to dominate their analysis.

Readers are encouraged to offer suggestions or criticisms by contacting me through Leanpub or the website linked above.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • 1 The Legend Of Bagger Obama
      • 1.1 Bagger Vance
      • 1.2 Bagger Obama
      • 1.3 Reality Versus Movies
      • 1.4 Reality Always Rules
      • 1.5 Danger Point For Obama
    • 2 Is Obama Failing Along With Everything Else?
      • 2.1 The Economy
      • 2.2 Foreign Policy
      • 2.3 The Presidency
    • 3 America, The Ego Has Landed
      • 3.1 The Olympic Embarrassment
      • 3.2 American Thinker Reacts
      • Chicago out of Olympics consideration (updated)
    • 4 Another Failed Presidency
    • 5 President of The World Losing Support There Also
    • 6 Health Care Vaporizes Obama Presidency
      • 6.1 Spaghetti Code
      • 6.2 The Public Reaction
      • 6.3 Familiarity Breeds Contempt
      • 6.4 The Slide Downhill
      • 6.5 An Early Assessment
    • 7 Our President is Delusional
      • 7.1 The Lighter Aspects
      • 7.2 The Delusional Aspects
      • 7.3 What If Obama Were Your Friend?
    • 8 Obama: Not Moses, Merely Elmer Gantry
      • 8.1 The Failure
      • 8.2 The Danger
      • 8.3 How Will Failure Be Handled
    • 9 Why the Democrat Party Cannot Survive
      • 9.1 The Meaning of the Recent Elections
      • 9.2 Party Principles
      • 9.3 Elections And Governance
      • 9.4 Flaws in the Democrat Strategy
      • 9.5 The Ice Cream is Gone
    • 10 President Quixote’s Legacy
      • 10.1 Economics versus Morality
      • 10.2 An Interpretation of Some Obama Policies
      • 10.3 The Bigger Problem
      • 10.4 Obama’s Superior Intellect
    • 11 Will Scandal Drive Obama Off the 2012 Ticket?
      • 11.1 Interests of The Party
      • 11.2 The Solyndra Affair
      • 11.3 Congressional Investigations
      • 11.4 The Media
      • 11.5 Conclusion
    • 12 A Failed Legacy
      • 12.1 The Recent Election
      • 12.2 The Obama Gift
    • 13 The Obama Problem: Too Many People Know Him
      • 13.1 In The Beginning
      • 13.2 How Things Went So Wrong So Quickly
      • 13.3 The Central Problem
    • 14 Obama Will Not Win Re-election
      • 14.1 How Did Obama Get Elected The First Time?
      • 14.2 Why Obama Will Lose The Election
      • 14.3 Obama Stumbles Out of The Gate
      • 14.4 A Bigger Democrat Problem
      • 14.5 Qualification
    • 15 The Next Election Could Be Fatal
      • 15.1 An Inflection Point
      • 15.2 The Issue
      • 15.3 Elections Were Never Intended To Be Life-Changing
      • 15.4 The New Consequence of Elections
    • 16 How Can The Election Even Be Close?
      • 16.1 The Logic
      • 16.2 Anecdotal Evidence
    • 17 Obama’s Election Seals Our Fate
      • 17.1 The Fundamentals of Progress
      • 17.2 Where We Are Headed
      • 17.3 The Implications Of The Election
    • 18 How To Win Elections: Make Zombies
      • 18.1 What Is A Zombie?
      • 18.2 Destroying Lives
      • 18.3 The Failure of Welfare
      • 18.4 Doomed To Fail
    • 19 Obama’s Pretense Is Over
    • 20 Scorecard For The ObamaCare Debacle
      • 20.1 What Were They Thinking?
      • 20.2 Frankenstein Monster
    • 21 ObamaCare Is A “Weekend at Bernie’s” Remake
      • 21.1 Weekend at Bernie’s
      • 21.2 ObamaCare As Bernie
    • 22 ObamaCare: The Dumbest Political Move Ever?
      • 22.1 Health Care Wrecking Ball
      • 22.2 Political Wrecking Ball
      • 22.3 The Welfare State Violated
      • 22.4 Political Stupidity
    • 23 Joe Isuzu, Our President
      • 23.1 Who Was Joe Isuzu?
      • 23.2 President Isuzu
      • 23.3 Clarence Darrow Was Right
    • 24 Is Obama Done?
      • 24.1 1. Humpty Dumpty Cannot Be Reconstructed
      • 24.2 2. Personality No Substitute For Leadership
      • 24.3 Reason To Worry
    • 25 Is The President Sane?
    • 26 Liar-In-Chief
    • 27 Peasants With Pitchforks
      • 27.1 A New Founding?
      • 27.2 Does the concept of peasants with pitchforks apply?
      • 27.3 Government and The People
      • 27.4 What Would Happen Today?
    • 28 Truth Dies First
    • 29 Hopeless Change
    • 30 Hayek, Obama and Serfdom
      • 30.1 The Road To Serfdom
      • 30.2 Unintended Consequences
      • 30.3 Historical Context
      • 30.4 Obama’s Intended Consequences
    • 31 The State Of The Union Speech
    • 32 The Diminished State of The New York Times
      • 32.1 The New York Times
    • 33 Mafia Government?
    • 34 Government Lies About The IRS Scandal
    • 35 President Albatross – An American Tragedy
      • 35.1 Obama’s World
      • 35.2 History Will Judge
      • 35.3 The Political Implications
      • 35.4 An American Tragedy
      • 35.5 Ethics in Washington
      • Obama’s ambassador nominees are a disservice to diplomacy
    • 36 Failure and Criticism
    • 37 The Impeachment Issue
      • 37.1 How Bad Is It?
      • 37.2 Is It Bad Enough?
    • 38 Falling Apart – Obama’s Ending
    • 39 Politics Loves Winners And Hates Losers
      • 39.1 George W. Bush
      • 39.2 Barack Obama
      • 39.3 A Tale of Two Men
      • 39.4 Hubris
    • 40 Bully Meets Professional Bully
      • 40.1 Vlad and Barry
      • 40.2 Bullies or Sociopaths?
    • 41 Democrats Turn on King Cnut
    • 42 A Whiff of Impeachment
      • 42.1 Why Impeachment Is So Difficult
      • 42.2 The Rule of Men
      • 42.3 Why Obama Might Be Impeached
      • 42.4 Obama’s Popularity is Plummeting
      • 42.5 Obama’s Developing Media Problem
      • 42.6 The Democrat Shoe Hasn’t Dropped Yet
    • 43 Does The Administration Consider Impeachment Possible?
    • 44 Albatross Politics – Democrats Have A Problem
      • 44.1 What Is An Albatross?
      • 44.2 Two Key Indicators
      • 44.3 Watch the Democrats
    • 45 Ripple or Tidal Wave?
      • 45.1 An Early Prognostication
    • 46 Are We At A Turning Point?

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