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About the Book

Fauxcabulary.org was created to provide some insight into how my mind works. I know it sounds strange, but as folks talk (in person, on the phone, on radio, on TV, …) my thoughts process each of their words, along with every word combo with similar sounds, meaning, or spelling.

The people that live and work with me daily get to hear about 20% of those stray thoughts in the form of oft-risqué puns (although I’m sure it feels more like 90% to them).

In 2009, my wife told me to start writing my stupid puns down, and since I’m not good at following directions, I started my faux-cabulary list instead.

Peppered within the site, you’ll also find some random musings that aren’t directly related to the whole fauxcabulary theme, but do fit nicely with the stated goal of “provid[ing] some insight into how my mind works”.

I hope you enjoy this collection. New fauxcabulary words are posted on the website every day at midnight. The other content is added as it happens. So keep checking back.

– Joe

About the Author

Joseph Barrett Hall
Joseph Barrett Hall

Joseph B. Hall has been a professional software developer for more than 25 years. He worked as a programmer for Microsoft and IBM, he was the software architect for a Fortune 500 bank, the CTO for an online ticket sales and servicing company, and started his own consulting company in 2006. These days, Joe is stretching his Agile / TDD muscles with ThoughtWorks in Atlanta, Georgia.

Joe makes his living writing desktop, web, mobile device, and server applications for businesses and governmental agencies, but game programming is his passion, and it was gaming that got him into programming in the first place. Joe was a member of the original Xbox team and he joined the Visual Studio .NET team just after the Xbox was released in 2001. He is the author of XNA Game Studio Express: Developing Games for Windows and the Xbox 360, which was published in 2007, and Fauxcabulary: Fake Definitions / Real Funny, which was published in 2015.

Joe lives with his wife of twenty-plus years and his three tween-to-teen daughters in Newnan, Georgia. Every summer, he teaches high school students how to write games during an intense weeklong course in North Carolina for Landry Academy. In his free time, Joe dabbles in sketching, cartooning, and creating 3D models. When you see his artistic creations, you'll understand why he makes his living as a programmer.

Table of Contents

  • A: Abhorrent - Awkward
  • B: Babar - Buzzer
  • C: Caesarian - Custard
  • D: Damage - Dynasty
  • E: Eastern - Eyeballs
  • F: Facebook - Fusion
  • G: Gable - Guru
  • H: Haitian - Hypocritical
  • I: ICBM - Itchy
  • J: Jaded - Justice
  • K: Karma - Kudos
  • L: Labored - Luster
  • M: Maintenance - Mustard
  • N: Napkin - Nonsensical
  • O: Oasis - Overlays
  • P: Pacing - Python
  • Q: Quarter - Quota
  • R: Raceway - Russian
  • S: Sacramento - System
  • T: Tabernacle - Tyrant
  • U: Ukraine - Urine
  • V: Vacancy - Vitalize
  • W: Waiver - Worship
  • X: Xeon - X-rays
  • Y: Yeoman - Yukon
  • Z: Zamfir - Zero

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