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About the Book

The official manual for Eric Zimmerman's Tools. Please watch the the book's GitHub repository to stay updated on the development of this manual! Any suggestions for improvement are welcomed on GitHub!

About the Authors

Andrew Rathbun
Andrew Rathbun

Andrew Rathbun is a DFIR professional with multiple years of experience in law enforcement and the private sector. Andrew is involved in multiple community projects, including but not limited to: the Digital Forensics Discord Server, AboutDFIR, and multiple GitHub repositories.

Eric Zimmerman
Eric Zimmerman

Eric Zimmerman is a former FBI Special Agent and C# developer of various open source, forensic tools targeting Windows host based artifacts. Eric is a certified SANS instructor and co-author of FOR498.

Table of Contents

  • Enabling Update Notifications on Leanpub
  • Introduction to EZ Tools
    • What are EZ Tools?
    • Download EZ Tools
    • CLI vs GUI
    • .NET 4 vs .NET 6 EZ Tools
    • What is this book?
    • Mastering EZ Tools
    • Content by Eric Zimmerman
    • Content by the DFIR Community about EZ Tools
  • EZ Tools - Common Switches
    • Common Switches
  • EZ Tools - PowerShell vs CMD
    • Common Scenarios
  • EZ Tools - CLI
  • AmcacheParser
    • AmcacheParser Introduction
    • AmcacheParser Switches
    • AmcacheParser Command Examples
    • AmcacheParser Output
    • AmcacheParser Key Takeaways
    • AmcacheParser References
  • AppCompatCacheParser
    • AppCompatCacheParser Introduction
    • AppCompatCacheParser Switches
    • AppCompatCacheParser Command Examples
    • AppCompatCacheParser Output
    • AppCompatCacheParser Key Takeaways
    • AppCompatCacheParser References
  • bstrings
    • bstrings Introduction
    • bstrings Switches
    • bstrings Command Examples
    • bstrings References
  • EvtxECmd
    • EvtxECmd Introduction
    • EvtxECmd Switches
    • EvtxECmd Command Examples
    • EvtxECmd Output
    • EvtxECmd Key Takeaways
    • EvtxECmd References
  • IISGeoLocate
    • IISGeoLocate Introduction
    • IISGeoLocate Switches
    • IISGeoLocate Output
    • IISGeoLocate References
  • JLECmd
    • JLECmd Introduction
    • JLECmd Switches
    • JLECmd Command Examples
    • JLECmd Output
    • JLECmd Sample Output
    • JLECmd Key Takeaways
    • JLECmd References
  • LECmd
    • LECmd Introduction
    • LECmd Switches
    • LECmd Command Examples
    • LECmd Sample Output
    • LECmd Output
    • LECmd Key Takeaways
    • LECmd References
  • MFTECmd
    • MFTECmd Introduction
    • File Types Parsed by MFTECmd
    • MFTECmd Switches
    • MFTECmd Command Examples
    • MFTECmd Output
    • MFTECmd References
  • PECmd
    • PECmd Introduction
    • PECmd Switches
    • PECmd Command Examples
    • PECmd Output
    • PECmd Key Takeaways
    • PECmd References
  • RBCmd
    • RBCmd Introduction
    • RBCmd Switches
    • RBCmd Command Examples
    • RBCmd Output
    • RBCmd Key Takeaways
    • RBCmd References
  • RecentFileCacheParser
    • RecentFileCacheParser Introduction
    • RecentFileCacheParser Switches
    • RecentFileCacheParser Command Examples
    • RecentFileCacheParser Output
    • RecentFileCacheParser References
  • RECmd
    • RECmd Introduction
    • RECmd Switches
    • RECmd Command Examples
    • RECmd Output
    • RECmd References
  • RLA
    • RLA Introduction
    • RLA Switches
    • RLA Command Examples
    • RLA References
  • SBECmd
    • SBECmd Introduction
    • SBECmd Switches
    • SBECmd Command Examples
    • SBECmd Output
    • SBECmd Key Takeaways
    • SBECmd References
  • SQLECmd
    • SQLECmd Introduction
    • SQLECmd Switches
    • SQLECmd Command Examples
    • SQLECmd References
  • SrumECmd
    • SrumECmd Introduction
    • SrumECmd Switches
    • SrumECmd Command Examples
    • SrumECmd Output
    • SrumECmd Sample Data
    • SrumECmd References
  • SumECmd
    • SumECmd Introduction
    • SumECmd Switches
    • SumECmd Command Examples
    • SumECmd Output
    • SumECmd References
  • VSCMount
    • VSCMount Introduction
    • VSCMount Switches
    • VSCMount Command Examples
    • VSCMount References
  • WxTCmd
    • WxTCmd Introduction
    • WxTCmd Switches
    • WxTCmd Command Examples
    • WxTCmd Output
    • WxTCmd Key Takeaways
    • WxTCmd References
  • EZ Tools - GUI
  • EZViewer
    • EZViewer Introduction
    • EZViewer Screenshot
    • EZViewer Key Takeaways
    • EZViewer References
  • Hasher
    • Hasher Introduction
    • Hasher Screenshot
    • Hasher Features
    • Hasher References
  • JumpList Explorer
    • JumpList Explorer Introduction
    • JumpList Explorer Functionality
    • JumpList Explorer References
  • MFT Explorer
    • MFT Explorer Introduction
    • MFT Explorer Features
    • MFT Explorer References
  • Registry Explorer
    • Registry Explorer Introduction
    • RECmd
    • Version changes
  • SDB Explorer
    • SDB Explorer Introduction
    • SDB Explorer References
  • Shellbags Explorer
    • Requirements
    • What are ShellBags?
    • ShellBags location in the registry
    • Using RegEdit to view ShellBag data
    • Why another ShellBags program?
    • ShellBagsExplorer.exe
    • Menus
    • Workflow overview
    • SBECmd.exe
    • General usage tips and tricks
    • Version changes
  • TimeApp
    • TimeApp Introduction
    • TimeApp Screenshots
    • TimeApp References
  • Timeline Explorer
    • Timeline Explorer Introduction
    • Timeline Explorer Features
    • Timeline Explorer Settings
    • Timeline Explorer Layout Files
    • Timeline Explorer Plugins
    • Timeline Explorer References
    • Using XWFIM
    • XWFIM References
  • Errata
    • Reporting Errata

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