Exploratory Testing
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Exploratory Testing

About the Book

Exploratory testing is a systematic approach for learning about the target of testing for all kinds of information, and has it's strenghts in enabling us to learn things we don't even know we don't know about out systems. Being a systematic approach for discovering risks using rigorous analysis techniques couples with testing heuristics, exploratory testing is an approach to software testing that treats test design, test execution and learning as parallel, mutually supportive activities. An essential idea directing exploratory testing is to make best possible use out of limited resources: exploratory testing is for intelligent testing that delivers results and uses tools when needed.

This book summarizes how the author has learned to think while testing, describing some of the models of explaining things to others as part of teaching courses on testing. To the author, all testing is exploratory, and as such, the book provides a great summary for all things testing.

About the Author

Maaret Pyhäjärvi
Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is a collaborative software specialist with emphasis on testing. She works full time as a testing specialist in a product company and helps other organizations on the side as a testing coach / trainer. You might find her sharing her lessons in various conferences around the world or in her blog: visible-quality.blogspot.fi 

Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • A Personal Journey To Exploratory Testing
    • Localization testing with test cases
    • Functional Testing and Test Design
    • Testing Education
    • Becoming the Teacher and a Researcher
    • Becoming a Consultant
    • The Two Foundational Revelations
    • Becoming a Great Exploratory Tester
    • Context and How It Matters
    • Bigger Circles
    • New Ways of Learning and Teaching
    • Wider Circles
  • Why This Book
  • The LeanPub way
  • About the Author
    • My work
    • My Side Business
    • My history
    • Taking Learning Seriously
    • Conference Speaking
    • Idealist
    • From Finland
  • What and Where of Exploratory Testing
  • What is Exploratory Testing?
    • An Approach to Testing
    • Specifying It By Contrast
    • The Three Scopes of Exploratory Testing
    • Listen to Language
  • What is Exploratory Testing - the Programmer Edition
    • What Testing Gives You?
    • Exploratory Testing, eh?
  • Where is Exploratory Testing
  • Place of exploration
    • An example
    • Separate Tester Role
    • Future is Here, Just Not Evenly Distributed
  • The Two Guiding Principles
    • Learning
    • Opportunity Cost
  • How to Explore with Intent - Exploratory Testing Self-Management
    • Intertwining Different Testing Activities
    • Learning To Self-manage
    • You’re In Control
  • Going beyond Defaults
  • Heuristics
    • Size of heuristics
    • Purpose of heuristics
    • The following chapters
  • Recall Heuristics for Test Ideation
    • Recall on level of change
    • Recall on level of feature
  • Automation First Microheuristic
  • How would you test a textfield?
    • Shallow examples without labels - wannabe testers
    • Seeing the world around a text box - functional testers
    • Tricks in the bag come with labels - more experienced functional testers
    • Question askers - experienced and brave
    • The three exercises
  • Exploring Gilded Rose
    • Introducing Gilded Rose
  • Priming With Information Sources and Tools
    • Getting to Work — How Would I Test this?
    • The First Test
    • The Second Test
    • Reading the Spec While Aiming for 100% Branch Coverage
    • Tools Ease The Exploration
    • Summing up to some fun pitfalls
    • Exploring a WebUI with Automation
    • Two sessions, two results
    • Breakdown of activities
    • Examples of activities
    • Some Reflections
    • The Final Deliverables
  • Python Primer for Exploring an API
    • Python, in the interpreter
    • Python like a script, in Pycharm
    • Python like a Class and Methods, in Pycharm
  • Exploratory Testing an API
    • Why Is Exploratory Testing An API Relevant?
    • Testing as Artifact Creation
    • Testing As a Performance, (aka Exploratory Testing)
    • What Does Testing Give Us?
    • An Example API with ApprovalTests
    • 13 Patterns To Help You Explore An API
    • Summary
  • Anchoring an Idea While Exploratory Testing an API
  • Reporting and Notetaking
  • Test Case Management Tools in Exploring
    • What Zephyr Brings In
    • What I Bring In
  • Process
  • Feature and Release testing
  • Training and Exploratory Tester
  • Talk to Article: Exploring Pipelines
  • Exploratory Testing Foundations
    • Introduction to Exploratory Testing Foundations
    • Self-Management in Exploratory Testing
    • More Specific Constraints
    • Constraints about Documentation

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