Exploding Rails
Exploding Rails
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Exploding Rails

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Completed on 2018-08-16

About the Book

Learn how to improve a Rails application's structure by using the rom-rb and dry-rb set of gems. Move away from messy models and move towards crisp, clean code.

(This book is currently in a "beta" state, with some medium-sized changes coming to its code in the near future. Hence the "95% complete" part. I'd still love for people to read it in the meantime though!)

The default structure of Rails applications hasn't changed all that much in over a decade. And with good reason: this directory structure makes it easy to jump into building a Rails application.

While I agree that this way is still extremely simple and great for getting started within a Rails application, I do not agree that this is the best way to organise a Rails application in 2018 with long-term maintenance in mind. A decade of Ruby development has produced some great alternatives to Rails' MVC directory structure that are definitely worthwhile to consider.

One alternative can be found in the combination of the rom-rb and dry-rb set of gems.

The `rom-rb` gems allow us to interact with a database with just as much ease as Active Record, but with the added benefit that persistence and business logic aren't bundled together in the same class.

The `dry-rb` gems allow for splitting the validation logic away from the business logic's class (dry-validation) and also provides a sensible alternative to the community-wide pattern of service objects (dry-transaction).

This guide covers how you would go about integrating these gems into a brand new Rails application, building features in an iterative fashion.

About the Author

Ryan Bigg
Ryan Bigg

Ryan Bigg won a Ruby Hero Award in 2011 for his work on documentation within the Ruby on Rails community, including work on several of the official Ruby on Rails guides, and his first book Rails 3 in Action, which is now in its second edition as Rails 4 in Action. On the Leanpub side of things, he wrote Multitenancy with Rails.

He previously worked full-time on the open-source parts of Spree Commerce as the Community Manager, but now works full-time at Culture Amp. Oh, and he is well-known on Stack Overflow for providing great answers for Ruby and Rails questions.

He even has a blog.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Where did this book come from?
    • Who is this book for?
    • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
    • Where Rails falls down
    • The problems with Active Record Models
  • Getting started with ROM
    • Introducing ROM
    • Let there be ROM
    • Repository in the middle
    • Summary
  • Rails, meet ROM
    • Generating our first ROM-powered relation, migration, repository and model
  • Connecting a Rails controller with ROM
  • Showing a particular project
  • Validating projects during creation
    • A small interlude about that contributors method
    • Creating a validator
  • Let’s talk about service objects
    • Building our first transaction class
    • Integrating the Projects::Create class with the controller
    • Refactoring the transaction class one step further
  • Adding tickets and users
    • Creating a tickets repository, relation, model and migration
    • Creating all the parts for users
    • The contributors method
  • Epilogue
    • Tidbits
  • Homework
    • Finish the CRUD actions for the ProjectsController
    • Add a TicketsController
    • Add Devise to the application
  • Notes

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