Event Driven
Event Driven
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Event Driven

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Completed on 2015-08-14

About the Book

Events are amazing and inspirational opportunities to build community and promote your technologies. Like all complicated efforts though, they're only as good as you make them. They require skill, imagination, and an anal-retentive attention to detail :p

Event Driven walks through many of the things I've learned over the last seven or eight years; larger points, and a lot of the smaller ones that help contribute to an overall detail-oriented well-put-together-feeling event. From your branding and design work, to venue selection, AV, hotel deals, sponsor relations and program selection—there are a thousand details to keep track of, and a million things to watch out for.

If I'd had a reference guide like this in year one, life would've been a lot easier, and the quality of my events a lot better. I'd love to help other event organizers avoid my mistakes and put on top notch shows.

About the Author

Leah Silber
Leah Silber

Leah is an all-around open source advocate. During the day time, she's one of the founders at Tilde Inc, the open-source-centric company behind Skylight. In her spare time, she works on tech conferences like the annual GoGaRuCo, RailsConf and EmberConf, along with a slew of user groups and one-off events.

She previously worked as a consultant for clients in the tech sector, ran events as a member of the jQuery Foundation Board and managed the Community Marketing and Events department at Engine Yard. She is originally from Brooklyn, NY and now lives in Portland, OR.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Testimonials
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Branding
  • 3. Design
    • Signage
    • Website
  • 4. Organization
    • Legal and Accounting
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Staffing
  • 5. Venue
    • Catering
    • AV
    • Hotels
  • 6. Sponsors
    • A La Carte Sponsorships
    • Packages
  • 7. Program
    • The Speaker Experience
  • 8. Parties
  • 9. On-site Miscellany
  • 10. Overall Quality
  • 11. The Intangibles
  • 12. Vendors
  • 13. Closing
  • About the Author

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