Learning Event-Driven PHP With ReactPHP
Learning Event-Driven PHP With ReactPHP
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Learning Event-Driven PHP With ReactPHP

Last updated on 2019-05-12

About the Book

A lot has changed since PHP was used only for rendering web-pages. Now PHP is something more than a simple script, which is used to render a web page in a request-response cycle. The event-driven architecture and asynchronous I/O processing of any number of streams in real time allow you to build a whole new category of applications. This book covers everything you should know about creating asynchronous applications in ReactPHP. We start with the basics, such as an event loop, timers, and streams. And then gradually we will move to more advanced topics and real applications examples. ReactPHP has a great set of components and a real ecosystem of third-party libraries.

The book covers all ReactPHP core components with theory and code examples to give you a solid basis to build your own asynchronous application for your own use-case. If you have always written PHP applications in a traditional synchronous way, it will be an eye-opening book for you. 

Also, I'm going to keep this book up-to-date with ReactPHP releases. That means that when a new feature comes out or something becomes deprecated or even removed, the book will also reflect these changes and will be republished and you will receive these updates for free!

Review by Pascal MARTIN

About the Author

Sergey Zhuk
Sergey Zhuk

I've been a developer for over 8 years now, and PHP has almost always been my programming language of choice. Currently, I keep myself as a full-stack developer. Specialize in backend development with PHP.

In a free time, I am writing my own technical blog, making screencasts about asynchronous PHP and contribute to Open Source.

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Learning Event-Driven PHP With ReactPHP
ReactPHP for Beginners
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Learning Event-Driven PHP With ReactPHP
ReactPHP for Beginners
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Asynchronous Programming
    • Responsiveness
    • What Is Asynchronous?
    • Parallelism vs Asynchronous
    • Why Bother On Back-End?
    • Asynchronous PHP
    • Why Should I Use PHP, If We Have NodeJs and Go?
    • Not Only CLI
    • How Can I Handle Long-Running Processes?
    • Conclusion
  • What is ReactPHP
    • The Problem
    • Event-Driven Architecture
    • ReactPHP Components
  • Event Loop
    • Basics
    • Implementations
    • Event loop and multiple CPUs
    • Conclusion
  • Timers
    • Periodic Timer
    • One-off Timer
    • Controlling Timers
    • Conclusion
  • Streams
    • Readable Stream
    • Writable Stream
    • Piping
    • Duplex Stream
    • Through Stream
    • Composite Stream
    • Error Handling
    • Conclusion
  • Understanding Event Loop Ticks
    • What Is Tick?
    • Order of Execution
    • Conclusion
  • Promises
    • The Basic Concepts
    • Promises Forwarding
    • Promises vs Callbacks
    • Managing Promises
    • Conclusion
  • Build A Simple Chat With Sockets: Server
    • Socket
    • Listening For New Connections
    • Sending And Receiving Data
    • Storing Users Names
    • Conclusion
  • Build A Simple Chat With Sockets: Client
    • Connecting to server
    • Interacting With Streams
  • Build A Simple Chat With Sockets: Improvements
    • Fixing Unique Names
    • Colored Output
    • Private Messages
    • Conclusion
  • UDP/Datagram Sockets
    • Streams vs Datagrams
    • Simple Echo Server
    • Simple UDP Chat
    • Conclusion
  • Working With FileSystem
    • Files
    • Directories
    • Symbolic Links
    • Conclusion
  • Building Video Streaming Server
    • Simple Video Streaming
    • Improvements
    • Refactoring
    • More About HTTP Server
  • HTTP Server Middleware
    • What Is Middleware?
    • Defining Middleware
    • Attaching Middleware To A Server
    • Modifying Response
    • Middleware Under The Hood Of The Server
    • Using PSR-15 Middleware
    • Conclusion
  • Building a RESTful API Using MySQL
    • Getting Started
    • Getting All Users
    • Routing
    • Create a New User
    • Refactoring
    • Routes For A Single Item
    • Get a Single User
    • Update a User’s Name
    • Deleting a User
    • Extracting Router To Middleware
    • Basic Authentication
    • Conclusion
  • Making Asynchronous HTTP Requests
    • The Problem
    • ReactPHP HttpClient
    • Downloading File
    • Parallel Downloading
    • Downloading Large Amounts Of Files
    • Conclusion
  • Managing Child Processes
    • Process I/O
    • Termination
    • Process PID
    • Conclusion
  • Cancelling Promises With Timers
    • The Problem
    • PromiseTimer
    • Cancellation
    • Conclusion
  • From Promise To Stream And Vice Versa
    • From Stream To Promise
    • From Promise To Stream
  • Resolving DNS
    • Basic Usage
    • Caching
    • Custom DNS queries
    • Resolver and Executor
  • Promise-Based Cache
    • Interface
    • Set/Get
    • Fallback
    • Delete
    • Conclusion
  • Integration With Already Written Applications
    • Block The Flow
    • Block\sleep()
    • Block\await* Functions
  • Unit-Testing Promises
    • Using Mocks
    • Waiting For Promises
    • Conclusion
  • Conclusion

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