The Eternal Moment of Now
The Eternal Moment of Now
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The Eternal Moment of Now

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Last updated on 2019-03-21

About the Book

Is it time for you to release all that has held you back, for you to be free and live in the now, to be in flow with all that surrounds you? For that is the moment, that special moment - The Eternal Moment of Now.

I have used these techniques and processes for over 10 years now and here I have collated and condensed the finest and essential parts of my learning to now offer you the wonderful gift of your own journey towards Inner Peace. The journey begins with you. Welcome!

A clear and concise method to achieve the wonderful state of mindfulness through 'The Eternal Moment of Now'. Here is a new look at Emergent Knowledge aimed at developing personal awareness and an inner state of peace. Giving you two new, effective processes to learn and experience.

In this book you will learn the practical fundamentals of Emergent Knowledge and Clean Space, both powerful self-development techniques, in which to apply these to your self and to others.

About the Author

Matthew Hudson
Matthew Hudson

Matthew Hudson is a trainer and developer of Emergent Knowledge theory and practice. He developed his skills and knowledge in therapeutic methods through the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) models, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and hypnotherapy. Matthew worked directly with David Grove (the creator of Clean Language) just prior to his death in 2008 and during this time he catalogued and modelled David’s final and pioneering work: Emergent Knowledge.

Reader Testimonials

Sioelan Tjoa
Sioelan Tjoa

Results from Process #2

...I need to mention about Process #2. Prior to starting I have had 3 months of left buttock and leg pains making me want to offload the left side. I became very aware how much the past was giving a pulling and dragging sensation to the left and down. As I started to focus on the difference between future present I could notice a straightening of my body with equal distribution of weight through both feet and spine and have not limped whilst being at the conference for the rest of the day.

Table of Contents

  • Emergent Processing
  • Acknowledgements
  • Credits
  • Welcome to this Guide
    • Introduction
    • The Format of this Guide
    • About the Author
    • Disclaimer
  • Origins: Where Does EK Come From?
    • David Grove and Pam (Steven) Saunders
    • My Connection with David and Pam
  • What is the Eternal Moment of Now?
    • Mindfulness
    • Benefits of Being in the Present Moment
    • Intention Behind the EK Processes
  • What is Emergent Knowledge?
    • Introduction
    • The Six Elements of EK
    • The Emergent ABC Model
    • Defining Moments
    • Split
  • Fundamental Elements of Emergent Knowledge
    • 1. Clean Facilitation
    • 2. Iteration
    • 3. Consolidation (Download and Upload)
    • 4. Representation and Space
    • 5. Navigation
    • 6. Present Time
  • Role of the Facilitator and Client
    • The Facilitator
    • The Client
    • Can I Run These Processes on My Own?
    • Cleaner than Clean
  • Process #1 - Emerging Moving
    • Introduction
    • And, now what is happening?
    • Personal Review of Process #1
    • An Analysis of Process #1
  • P#1 - Example Session
    • To be added
  • Process #2 - The Eternal Moment of Now
    • Introduction
    • Process #2: Definitions
    • Process #2: Step by Step
    • When Things Pop Up : A Magic Wand
    • Summary of Process #2
    • Personal Review of Process #2
    • An Analysis of Process #2
  • P#2 - Example Session
    • A Client Session Transcript
  • Defining the Eternal Moment of Now
    • Four Fundamental Energetic Flows
    • Defining Two Mechanisms of Interaction
    • The Spectrums and Volition
    • Bringing the Sets Together
    • The Eternal Moment of Now
    • The Three-Body Problem
    • what else here…?????
  • For the Advancing Facilitator
    • A Fractal Solution
    • The Structure of Therapy
  • Moving On
    • Self-Modelling
    • New Processes and the Future
  • Emergence
  • Appendix 1 - Further Resources
    • Clean Language
    • Emergent Knowledge and Clean Space
  • Appendix 2 - Seven Days
    • Stages of Awareness and The Days of Week
  • Appendix 3 - Origins of Process #2
    • Source and History of Process #2
  • Notes
  • Notes

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