Essential Angular
Essential Angular
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Essential Angular

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Last updated on 2017-01-27

About the Book

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About the Authors

Victor Savkin
Victor Savkin

Victor Savkin is an Angular core contributor, and co-founder of, providing Angular consulting to enterprise teams. Victor was previously on the Angular core team at Google, and built the dependency injection, change detection, forms, and router modules. Victor lives in Toronto, Ontario, enjoys playing around with eclectic programming tech, and has a particular interest in fonts and keyboard layouts.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Example
  • Chapter 1: Compilation
    • JIT and AOT
    • Why would I want to do it?
    • How is it possible?
    • Trade-offs
    • Let’s Recap
  • Chapter 2: NgModules
    • Declarations, Imports, and Exports
    • Bootstrap and Entry Components
    • Providers
    • Injecting NgModules and Module Initialization
    • Bootstrap
    • Lazy Loading
    • Let’s Recap
  • Chapter 3: Components and Directives
    • Input and Output Properties
    • Template
    • Lifecycle
    • Providers
    • Host Element
    • Queries
    • Let’s Recap
    • What About Directives?
  • Chapter 4: Dependency Injection
    • Registering Providers
    • Injector Tree
    • Resolution
    • Lazy Loading
    • Getting Injector
    • Visualizing Injector Tree
    • Advanced Topics
    • Let’s Recap
  • Chapter 5: Change Detection
    • Two Phases
    • Why?
    • How Does Angular Enforce It?
    • Content and View Children
    • ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush
    • Let’s Recap
  • Chapter 6: Testing
    • Isolated Tests
    • Shallow Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Protractor Tests
    • Let’s Recap

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