Effective Software Architectures
Effective Software Architectures
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Effective Software Architectures

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Last updated on 2018-09-26

About the Book

This book serves as learning guide for the iSAQB e.V. CPSA-F (Certified Professional for Software Architecture - Foundation Level) examination.

  • explains the CPSA-Foundation curriculum
  • describes the examination process
  • explains the types of examination questions
  • collects numerous references and links
  • contains an extensive glossary of important terms

It explains many (examination-relevant) fundamentals, but is no extensive textbook, but assumes working knowledge and experience in practical software development.

About the Author

Gernot Starke
Gernot Starke

Dr. Gernot Starke (INNOQ Fellow) is co-founder and longstanding user of the (open source) arc42 documentation template. For more than 20 years, he has been working as software-architect, coach and consultant, conquering the challenges of creating effective software architectures for clients from various industries.

Gernot co-founded the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB e.V.) and the (open source) Architecture Improvement Method (https://aim42.org).

Gernot has authored several (German) books on software architecture and related topics.

Table of Contents

      • Revision History
    • Introduction
      • Preface to 2nd Edition
      • Work in Progress
      • How to read this book?
  • Part I: iSAQB Curriculum and Certification
    • I-1 iSAQB Software Architecture Certification
      • The iSAQB e.V. Association
    • I-2 iSAQB Foundation Overview
      • I-2.1 Structure of the Foundation Level Curriculum?
      • I-2.2 What Does the CPSA-Foundation Level Achieve?
      • I-2.3 Prerequisites for CPSA-F Certification
      • I-2.4 Relevance of Topics for the Examination
      • I-2.5 What is NOT Covered
    • I-3 iSAQB Foundation Curriculum in Detail
      • Curriculum Chapter 1: Basic concepts of software architectures
      • Curriculum Chapter 2: Design and Development of Software Architectures
      • Curriculum Chapter 3: Specification and Communication of Software Architectures
      • Curriculum Chapter 4: Software Architectures and Quality
      • Curriculum Chapter 5: Tools for software Architects
      • Curriculum Chapter 6: Examples of Software Architecture
    • I-4 Preparation for the Foundation-Level Certification
      • I-4.1 Examination Process
      • I-4.2 Types of Examination Questions
    • I-5 Advanced Level Certification
  • Part II: Effective Software Architecture
    • II-1. Software Architecture and Software Architects
      • II-1.1 Definition(s) of Software Architecture
      • II-1.2 Goals of Software Architecture
      • II-1.3 Role and Tasks of Software Architects
      • II-1.4 How Much Architecture?
      • II-1.5 Architecture and Development?
    • II-2. Methodically Designing Software Architectures
    • II-3. Principles and Patterns of Software Architecture
      • II-3.1 Design Principles
      • II-3.2 Architecture Styles and Patterns
      • II-3.3 Design Patterns
    • II-4. Communicating Software Architecture
      • II-4.1 Architecture is More Than Code
      • II-4.2 Communication, Documentation, Specification?
      • II-4.3 Fundamental Requirements for Technical Documentation
      • II-4.4 Use A Template for Communication
      • II-4.5 Use Architectural Views
    • II-5. Analyzing and Evaluating Software Architectures
      • II-5.1 Quantitative Evaluation
      • II-5.2 Qualitative Evaluation
  • Part III: Appendices
    • Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
    • Appendix B: Further Reading
    • Appendix C: Also From Gernot
    • Appendix D: About the Author
  • Notes

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