Enterprise DevOps by Roy Osherove [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Enterprise DevOps
Enterprise DevOps
Enterprise DevOps

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Last updated on 2016-10-30

About the Book

  • Important: This book is still in beta and is only partially finished. You can purchase it now for a lower price and you'll automatically get the full book when it's done as well as notifications when it continuously updates.
  • You can also find a whole bunch of videos explaining concepts from this book at http://enterprisedevops.org

Enterprise DevOps is the application of DevOps values in an environment that contains any of the following:

  • Many inter-dependent and related systems and sub systems, software and teams that rely on each other
  • Monolithic systems and/or static software/hardware environments
  • Lengthy Approval Gates or change control processes
  • Security, financial, medical or other compliance requirements
  • Lengthy waterfall based processes among multiple teams and stake holders
  • Workflows that are mostly manual and error prone across multiple teams or stakeholders

In order to create an organization that operates through automated pipelines of continuous delivery.

About the Author

Roy Osherove
Roy Osherove

Roy Osherove is the author of The Art Of Unit Testing, and has been in leadership roles for most of his professional life, acting as team lead, CTO and architect in many places. He's had many failures to learn from but also some great successes, that he likes to share by doing training courses and mentoring. You can read his blog at 5whys.com

About the Publisher

This book is published on Leanpub by Team Agile Publishing

Team Agile Publishing is Roy Osherove's publishing house.

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