End to end testing with Protractor
End to end testing with Protractor (End to end testing with Protractor)
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End to end testing with Protractor

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Completed on 2016-11-27

About the Book

The idea of writing this book came as a way to gathering a collection of learnings during my career using the Protractor framework, to serve as a source of research for professionals that already use the tool or professionals and students that are interested in learning.

About the Author

Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho
Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho

Walmyr Filho works with software engineering since 2004, being bachelor in Business Managment with emphsys in system information analysis at PUC-RS, in 2012. He worked in national and multinational companies in Porto Alegre and Florianópolis, and currently work as software engineer in QA at Norway.

Active member of technology communities, he always liked attending events, some times as spectator, others as coordenator, organizer, volunteer and even as speaker, having spoke in events such: The Developers Conference, Agile Trends, Agile Testing Conference and some events from the Software Test Users Groups of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

He was volunteer of Agile Brazil 2014, in Florianópolis, coordenator of The Developers Conferece Florianópolis, in 2015, beyond helping in internal initiatives in some companies he worked, becuse he believes that the knowledge is something that must be shared.

He is author of the http://talkingabouttesting.com blog, has a YouTube channel, where he shares "hands on" content in video format about the usage of the Protractor framework (https://www.youtube.com/user/wlsf82/videos). Also, recently he started writing content in English in his Medium account (https://medium.com/@walmyrlimaesilv).

He can be found at Twitter as @walmyrlimaesilv.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • By Carmen Popoviciu
    • By Stefan Teixeira
  • Introduction
    • What is Protractor?
    • Pre-requirements to start
    • Basic configurations
    • Writing the first test
    • Running the first test
    • The importance of test results
    • The AAA standard (Arrange, Act, Assert)
  • Good practices
    • General rules
    • Project structure
    • Locators strategies
    • Page Objects
    • Test suites
  • Page Objects
    • Refactoring tests to use Page Objects
    • Another example of Page Objects
    • Creating and using wrapper Page Objects
  • Helpers
  • Useful node modules
    • jasmine-spec-reporter
    • protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter
    • shortid
    • node-uuid
    • fs
    • browserstack-local
    • faker.js
  • Actions and verifications
    • Actions
    • Verifications
  • Visual review testing
    • Integrating VisualReview with Protractor
    • What to test and what not to test with Visual Review
  • Cloud testing
    • BrowserStack
    • SauceLabs
  • Continuous integration
    • E2e testing in the continuous integration process
  • Mobile testing
    • Redefining the browser’s size
    • Simulating a mobile device into the browser
    • Using mobile devices simulators in the cloud
  • ECMAScript 2015
    • Configuration file in ES2015
    • Test files (spec files) in ES2015
    • Page Objects and Helpers in ES2015
  • Advanced configurations
    • directConnect - Using the browser’s own webdriver
    • framework - Defining a base framework to write tests
    • shardTestFiles - Running tests in parallel
    • suites - Test suites
    • beforeLaunch - Before any environment configuration
    • onPrepare - Before running tests
    • onComplete - As soon as tests are finished
    • afterLaunch - After running tests
  • The software test creative process
    • Defining test cases
    • Evolving the test suite
    • Organizing the test project for a evolving maintenance
    • Evolving even more
  • Useful tips
    • Test structure generator
    • Jasmine facilities
    • Debugging tests
    • Testing non-AngularJS applications
    • Tips for demos
    • Overwriting configurations via command line
  • Going further

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