Encyclopedia Cyberspacia
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Encyclopedia Cyberspacia

The 42nd and Final Encyclopedia Cyberspacia

About the Book

A how-to book on how to safely navigate and survive the Dark Web. Appendices include information regarding online history, philosophy, anonymity, and privacy in general.

Book Four

A User Guide To The Dark Web

(The 42nd and Final Encyclopedia Cyberspacia)

Approximately 88k words, 400 pages

Approximately 30 footnotes, 300 illustrations

Approximately 400 CW links and 200 DW links

Approximately 40 Notes 

The above is a companion book to:

 Book Three

·      The Insider Goes Deep (Tales from the Dark Web)

Approximately 90k words, 400 pages

Approximately 50 footnotes, 200 illustrations

Approximately 200 CW links and 50 DW links

Approximately 30 Notes

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    • Computer Security
    • Cryptography
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About the Author

Lefty Insider
Lefty Insider

I am a veteran of the U.N. Peace Keeping Force in South Korea, a former Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, and I also taught at the secondary and post-secondary levels. I worked in corporate technical training and course development, and technical document production. I was also a urban public school board member and substitute teacher. I was a multilevel baseball and softball coach for ten years. I created, managed, and operated two small businesses involved in document production and computer integration for more than fifteen years each. I am now retired, and when not working on computers, I am writing in the computer user forums, or writing fictional stories.

Table of Contents

Contents Table of Contents 7 Introduction 15 Navigating the Dark Web 24 When was the Dark Web invented? 24 How deep is the Deep Web? 25 Are there bad things on the Dark Web?26 A Short History of Tor 30 Tor Bridges 34 TorStatus - Connection stats 36 Map of all Tor Relays 36 Dark Web.wtf 46 The best links to Tor browser v3 2021 46 Http:\\ or Https:\\ on onion sites? 47 Tor Tools 50 Learn more about Tor 50 To Dark Web Search 67 Search Sites 68 Why is the Deep Web not indexable? 72 Dark Web Forums 84 Dark Web Email 144 Top 5 Dark Web Email Providers (another list) 154 Conclusion 160 Dark Web Onion News Sites 161 Chat Rooms 163 Social Media 171 Dark Web Monitoring 177 DNstats 177 Surveilled 178 Data Brokers 186 Data Breaches 190 Who Was Involved In The NSA Hack? 191 Ransomware 192 Malware 196 Microsoft Security Essentials 196 ESET 197 Managing attachments with Dangerzone 198 URL defanging 198 Operating Systems 199 VPN’s 219 Encryption and PGP Canary 235 Warrant Canary 236 Dark Web Tor Hosting 238 Finding an ISP to host a DarkNet .onion site 239 DeepLink Onion Directory 239 Types of Server Hosting: 240 What is a Tor Exit Node 241 What is the difference between the Single Hop Onions and MultiHop Onion Options? 241 So are Multi Hop Onions Anonymous? 241 Dark Web Server Hosting 242 EndGame 253 Whistleblowing / Drop sites 254 SecureDrop 254 Distributed Denial of Secrets 254 File uploads and transfers 255 File transfer (secure FTP or SFTP) 256 Anonfiles 257 Tor Alternatives 258 More than Tor 258 Alternate Sites 270 Imperial Library of Trantor 270 Just Another Library 272 Libraries A more complete list 272 Deep Web Radio 273 Onionland's Museum 273 File Sharing 273 Dark Web OpSec 275 KickAss 275 Dread 275 Verify your safety with Dark Fail’s new PGP Tool 280 Surveillance Self-Defense 280 Global surveillance 280 The Matrix 281 How to Exit the Matrix 281 Web 3.0 (Web3) 282 Enter The Web3 Foundation 285 Bitcoin and the Block Chain 287 What the Heck is a Bitcoin? 287 What the Heck is a Blockchain? 290 Smart Contracts 294 Artificial Intelligence (AI) 295 Metaverse 296 The Cloud 297 Alternate hypertext or Web interfaces 298 IOT (The Internet of Things) 309 Appendices 312 Have I Been Pwned? 313 Encrypting Outlook email on the Clear Web 314 The Basics of Hacking 315 Are you leaking IP and ID info? 318 Wireshark 363 Think your Data is Safe in the Cloud? 365 NSA NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY GUIDANCE 371 What data Facebook (Meta) collects 372 Stop using Google 383 Stop Using Amazon 386 Broadband Internet for All 388 Free the Internet 392 A Clear and Transparent Digital Bill of Rights 396 The Hacker Manifesto 398 A Cypherpunks Manifesto 400 The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto 403 THE CYPHERNOMICON 405 A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace 407 Guerilla Open Access Manifesto 410 Contract-for-the-Web 412 Declaration-for-the-Future-for-the-Internet 414 The 10 Biggest Revelations From Edward Snowden's Leaks 420 8 Things That Happened Because Of The NSA Leaks 422 Whistle-blowing Is Not Just Leaking — It’s an Act of Political Resistance 425

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