Elixir by a Rubyist
Elixir by a Rubyist
Elixir by a Rubyist

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Last updated on 2018-08-27

About the Book

If you are just getting started with Elixir or want to start learning it, this book is perfect for you.

We'll go trough basics and dive into the language! Check the ecosytem that is emerging around it, and even build some real web applications using  Elixir's greatest features. In this book you will also learn what is Functional Programming, how it works, why you should consider using it when bulding new applications and how elixir is driven by it.

This book also points out the similarities between Elixir and Ruby, it aim to help Rubyists to understand it in an easier way and help them into learning this awesome language. If you are a Rubyist you will probably feel great about this book, there are Ruby examples and comparisons that might help you into your learning process. If you don't know Ruby, no worries, you will probably be able to follow along this book learning process too.

The book will be frequently updated to accomodate to the changes coming on Elixir's next versions.

About the Author

João M. D. Moura
João M. D. Moura

A Leader, Engineer with an specialization on Data Science, and a Passionate Speaker that loves Open Source.

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