Electronics labs for beginners - to get started with electronics
Electronics labs for beginners - to get started with electronics
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Electronics labs for beginners - to get started with electronics

Last updated on 2016-12-29

About the Book

Those are labs I have developed for an outreach program for high school students. They are hands-on experiments to get started with electronics/electricity. We will start with turning a DC adapter to a DC power supply (3V to 12V) and to learn how measure voltage and current. Then we will investigate Ohm's law, basics of circuits in series and in parallel. We will use a breadboard and jumpers to build small circuits starting in unit 3. We will go over the basics ideas of resistors, poentiometers, diodes, inductors, transformers, capacitors, photocells, photoresistors. We will build simple oscillators, a simple motor and a simple generator with magnets. Do not buy the materials all at ounce. By them as you go along the labs.

Check my other lab book: Arduino based digital electronics workshops An introduction to digital systems for small budgets.

About the Author

Dr. Veronique Lankar
Dr. Veronique Lankar

Dr. Veronique Lankar

Table of Contents

Unit1 : Measuring voltage and current /simple circuits in series/calculating power/ switches and potentiometer as a voltage divider/ building power supplies with an AC adapter (120VAC to 3VDC, to 12VDC) and an USB plug

Unit2 : Resistors/Ohm's law/potentiometer as a variable resistor/build a simple  electromagnet and coil gun

Unit3: Circuits on the solderless breadboard/audio jack/transformer Step up and step down / oscilloscope/electricity from the grid

Unit4: Circuit in series vs in parallel/photoresistor (LDR)/ build a simple motor

Unit5: capacitors/diode/inductor/build a simple AC generator

Unit6: relay/transformer and induction/switching transistor/ simplest motor

Unit7: capacitor to control a switching transistor / LDR to control a switching transistor/blinking LED with a LCR oscillator / next step: Op amps.

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