Making Dairy Products and Cheese
Making Dairy Products and Cheese
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Making Dairy Products and Cheese

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About the Book

The greatest asset of the volumes of Discussions on Self-sufficiency is that one can start their reading anywhere and may get acquainted with some of the elements of this lifestyle by even picking out chapters randomly. Yet I believe that one who reads a chapter will get an inspiration for the next, and one who reads the first book will be curious about the other as well. Thus, he or she can attain such complex knowledge both theoretically and practically that will benefit beginners as well as advanced readers.

About the Author

András Kun
András Kun

András Kun [K.A.] (1970, Budapest)

Horticulturist, ornamental gardener, but also worked as plant-breeder. From 1996 he worked as a researcher for ten years at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the Centre of Ecological Research.

His main areas of research were in the fields of floristry, bioclimatology, and vegetation theory. He assists the Hungarian nature protection with his expertise in botanical monitoring and habitat mapping.

Since 2008 he is a research worker of the Eco Valley Foundation. He carries out and conducts researches primarily on sustainable lifestyle, as well as publishes articles, studies related to that topic and also organizes conferences, meetings.

Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • About the Author
    • Andras Kun (K.A.)
  • About the Book
  • Topics
  • Other ebooks by Eco Valley Foundation
  • Making Dairy Products and Cheese
  • Cheese: a Rich, Easy to Digest Nutriment
  • How to make home-made cheese (Paneer)
  • How to make butter at home
  • How to make purified butter (ghee)
  • How to make sour cream and ice-cream at home
  • Special Krishna Valley sweets made from milk
    • Srikhand - dessert made from thickened yoghurt
    • Sandesh - Indian cheese dessert
    • Burfi - cream toffee
  • Different agents used to coagulate milk
  • The world of cheeses

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