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Completed on 2016-01-13

About the Book

For a long time Java used to be a really good way to create cross-platform applications. Swing, SWT and the frameworks built on top of them gave us a way to deploy our applications to all relevant devices from a single source. The advent of the iPhone changed that. iOS and Android suddenly put up a barrier that wouldn't let us run our applications there. While initially it didn't matter in the enterprise, these platforms have become more and more important. 

But Java as you download it isn't a solution any more. DukeScript was invented to solve this problem. With it you can create applications that run on almost any device using the same source code.

This is a book to help you with your project. If you're an absolute DukeScript newbie, that's perfect. The book starts by explaining the core concepts and then immediately jumps to practical exercices. We'll go through our sample applications and inspect how they work. Along the way I'll explain the beasic workings and ideas behind the APIs.

This is a living book. That means that new chapters will be added and content will be updated. Once you've bought the book you'll get these updates for free as long as the book exists. If I find any errors I'll try to fix them in a timely manner, and if you spot any errors, let me know! It also means that if you want more detail on something, or if you miss something, you can tell me in the public issue tracker, and I will try to include it, so together we can make our book even better. 

About the Author

Anton Epple
Anton Epple

Anton is a consultant worldwide for a wide variety of companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in many areas, including finance institutions and aerospace. In his spare time, Anton is a member of the NetBeans Dream Team and the organizer of the JayDay developer conference in Munich. In 2013 he joined the Java Champions and received a JavaONE Rockstar Award. In 2014 he received a Duke's Choice Award for his work on DukeScript. 

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