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Music in the Digital Age

Music in the Digital Age

Making sense of the commerce & culture of popular music

Music in the Digital Age Edit


About the Book

Music is both culture and commerce. Those two things are inextricably linked. In different periods of history and in the context of different technologies and media forms - music culture and music commerce are profoundly different.

The way to navigate the changes as they happen is to understand them. In order to adapt to the new environment and thrive it’s important to make informed, deliberate and progressive responses that are appropriate to the opportunities new context – rather than fearful, reactive and conservative ones that view the new environment simply as a threat and as chaos.

This book aims to provide a guide to those changes – not to tell you what you should do – but so that you can make intelligent, rational and strategic choices about your own music business, or so that you can come to understand the changes in the ways in which music is used and understood as part of our new and increasingly dominant music culture.

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Table of Contents

  • About this updated version
  • Introductory note
  • Understanding Music in the Digital Age
  • This is a conversation
  • Music
  • The Digital Age
  • The Internet explained
  • A short explanatory note on Mediation
  • The 20 Things Revisited
  • 01 Don’t Believe the Hype
  • 02 Hear / Like / Buy
  • 03 Opinion Leaders Rule
  • 04 Customise
  • 05 The Long Tail
  • 06 Web 2.0
  • 07 Connect
  • 08 Cross-promote
  • 09 Fewer clicks
  • 10 Professionalism
  • 11 The Death of Scarcity
  • 12 Distributed identity
  • 13 SEO
  • 14 Permission and Personalisation
  • 15 RSS
  • 16 Accessibility
  • 17 Reward & Incentivise
  • 18 Frequency is everything
  • 19 Make it viral
  • 20 Forget Product - Sell Relationship
  • Copyright
  • Important but Broken
  • Where to from here?
  • Lots more to come
  • The thank you page
  • Further Reading

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