DramaGuru Revelation: Interrupt the Pattern, Change the Game
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DramaGuru Revelation: Interrupt the Pattern, Change the Game

Domination and Submission Tactics Revealed

About the Book

Tweet from @CageFX Linda Shields, Cage Fighting Extreme (CFX) fight promoter: "I forgot to let you know that I love the DramaGuru. Especially, since it involved real life. Thanks for sharing."

What is DramaGuru?

DramaGuru is a conversation that looks like a science fiction game. The game is designed to help you understand your power. How you defend it. How you gain it. How you lose it. And how you gain it back again. All games have a similar structure. How you play this game determines where your consciousness will go -- either extinction or emigration to a New World. The choice is up to you.

Applying this game to your real life will yield amazing results in your confidence and your ability to protect yourself and others. Game partners will help you keep the game fun, interesting and playful.

Join the conversation! #DramaGuru

The objective of "interrupt the pattern, change the game" is to create ever-increasing clusters of protection, loyalty and trust around you and the people you're connected to.

  • Guard against verbal zingers and maintain your power in uncomfortable situations.
  • Learn, practice and become competent in the art of verbal sparring.
  • Find out how to "Interrupt the Pattern, Change the Game".
  • Use the "Playing Field Map" to help your kids (or anyone) open up and tell you about their difficult situations. The map lays out information in a way to unravel the puzzle and manage the emotional upheaval.
  • Use the information gained from your new point of view to create effective game plans.
  • Get two steps ahead of your adversary or opponent.
  • Practice redirecting, deflecting or execute your get-away plan. If you can't win, running away from danger is an excellent response.
  • Identify 8 verbal attacks people use against you -- and the attacks you use on them.
  • Analyze 8 case studies based on combinations of verbal set-ups, transitions and multiple attacks.
  • Build your cadre of cornermen (corner people) around you. You'll stand up for each other when the need arises.

Will my life change simply from reading about the game?

No. You have to create game plans and implement them. You need to develop relationships with good cornermen. And you need to become a good corner person yourself. As boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. says, only "hard work and dedication" will get you the results you're looking for. But it doesn't have to be grim and gritty. DramaGuru is a game. Keep it playful!

Give the game a test run!

Inside of this book, you'll find instructions for how to play the game. And you'll be introduced to Special Agent September, an Alien Teacher sent from another world to help us prepare for emigration to new worlds -- or face extinction here on Earth. All you'll need is a pencil, paper and someone to talk to.

This version is half-way done. If you have comments or suggestions -- or perhaps a game plan with results that you'd like to share, please email me! I'd love to hear your feedback. I am working on updating the second half by the middle of May.

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About the Author

Cheryl Ragsdale
Cheryl Ragsdale

Cheryl Ragsdale is uniquely qualified to teach creative problem-solving skills to all ages, all levels of maturity -- and for any "sticky situation" that you might face in a lifetime. She applies her fight training to teaching people how to handle verbal skirmishes in professional and personal relationships. She is available for coaching and consulting.

Ragsdale combined her education, work experience, years of self-development courses and, most importantly, her mixed martial arts (MMA) training to create a game that can be played the old-fashioned way. All you'll need is a pencil, paper and someone to talk to.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • About The Book
  • Preface: My Story
    • This Is How DramaGuru Came To Be
  • Introduction
    • How Use This Manual
    • How To Set Up Training With A Group
  • DramaGuru Revelation: Instructions
    • Example: Food Wars
    • Declaring Your Adversarial Position (Offensive)
    • Case Study: Adversarial Positioning - Vegetarian vs Carnivore
    • Defensive Positioning: How To Weaponize Peanut Butter
    • DramaGuru Revelation: The Playing Field Map
    • Owen and Grace Case Study
    • Playing Field Map Questions
    • Key Words
  • Introducing Agent September
    • The Ninth Teacher, Agent September
    • The Conductors: A Team of 12 Agents
    • The Collectors
    • What You Need To Know
    • Practice DramaGuru: Lose Less Milk
    • How Do You Know You Can Trust Me?
    • How To Recognize Your Situation
  • Agent September’s Guide to DramaGuru
    • DramaGuru Revelation: Diagnostic Questions
    • Key Points
    • Keeping Score
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Best Positions For Domination and Control
    • Being Oppositional
    • Agent September’s Scorecard for Oppositionals
    • Being Confused: I Don’t Understand!
    • Being a Know-It-All
    • Being Entitled
  • Domination and Submission Tactics Revealed
    • The Grandiose
    • The Millie
    • The Eddie
    • The Baby Jane
    • The Creepy Wally
    • The Two-Timer
    • The Turncoat
    • The Vampire
  • Case Studies
    • Hurt Myself to Hurt You More
    • The Thanksgiving Dinner Attack
    • Aubrey as Vampire
    • Vampire to Baby Jane
    • The Eddie Sets Up The Millie
    • The Eddie Combined with The Creepy Wally
    • His Multiple Attacks On Me Sets Up The Baby Jane On You
    • The Baby Jane: Without loyalty we’re nothing, right?
  • Next Steps
  • Contact the Author
  • Disclaimer
  • End Notes: Source and Attribution Links

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